2012 Ford Focus Coupe???

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That would be nice, wouldn’t it.
And why not.

A coupe is supposed to be launched after the hatchback, so that about 2 years away.
It will compete with the upcoming Astra Coupe.

Here, this will give serious competition to the Civic coupe. Which would be all new by then as well.

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  1. Very nice !! Now Ford needs to
    follow through on this one to bring it to the US Market….

    Hopefully, this will help my Ford stock in the future as well ! Ugh !

  2. Ford would never, NEVER, make a focus that good looking. Dont get me wrong I would do whatever I could to own one, but for some reason car makers dont like making cars that look this nice. And its a shame

  3. As long as it's better than the garbage they have now (the current Focus coupe is a joke, considering how awesome my '04 Focus ZX3 hatch was. I miss that car!)

  4. I can see the resemblance between the Hyundai and a bit from the Scirocco (sp?), but with hundreds of different models available each year cars are going to look similar. Every car shares design elements with each other. There are only so many known/practiced design elements; it's bound to happen.

    I have to agree with Garrett though, something's going to be lost in translation to production…

  5. I see that this design exercise has an even newer interpretation of the Ford grille. Wether you like the subjective virtues of the design or not, you have to agree that there is some under appreciated accountant at Ford ready to rip off any aspect of the design that garners attention from the buying public!!!

  6. So Ford's answer to the CR-Z…not bad at all! It's funny that they call this a coupe when it's just the hatch w/ a lower profile.

    Looks Great! But how is this supposed to go for $16 – $18K?

  7. The grille came from the 2004 Kia Spectra's. The headlights reminds me of the 2006 Toyota Camry. The mirrors sticking out ain't original. I can get every single car from Acruas to Volovs.

  8. ford won't give us a good looking focus coupe when they can shove their suv's up our butts

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