Alfa Romeo Diva?

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This illustration shows what the next big Alfa sedan could look like. Replacing the discontinued 166 model.

The car on the picture is quite stunning. This would be an amazing alternative too the boring looking offerings from Japan and Germany.
Fiat is now thinking of using the next Chrysler 300 platform as a base for the big Alfa.
So it would be a RWD car.

We’ll see…

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  1. The front is awfully busy with a few too many slots getting in the way of an otherwise amazing design. But overall, I like!

  2. YES!!!

    I had been hoping Alfa Romea would bring a new Guila over here but this is even better. It's unique, luxury and sporty and worth the Alfa Romeo price tag. Only problem with Alfas are the interiors and transmissions.

    This would be a model that would do great against BMW 7-series, MB S-Class, Maserati Quattroporte, Audi A8, and Porsche Panamera. I say Alfa should go the distance and be dramatic like this rendering, dont water it down….and at least they would have a winner in design.

  3. now that's a sexy beast. Leave it to the Italians for world beating style. Merecedes and bmw or even Audi for that matter have ever had a car this pretty.

  4. If the next gen 300 is still built on an E class platform, it will be good.

    If it is NOT built on a Mercedes platform, it is going to be awful.

    Chrysler can't build a vehicle using 100% their own design/parts/components to save their life.

  5. I just hope they can find a way to cut some weight from the porky 300 platform when they implement it as an Alfa.

  6. The 300 has never been built on a Mercedes platform. Only a few of the components such as the rear suspension, transmission, and AWD system are adapted from the late-90's E-Class.

  7. Scores high marks for not looking like much of anything else on the road. Along the lines of what ne1butu said about too many slots, the only ones that really annoy me are the vertical/angled ones on each side of the v-shaped grill. And that's being very picky.

  8. Even though the front is rather busy, I do like the overall design. I can't wait to see pics of the (hopefully) wood/metal-appointed cabin.

  9. This is wrong in many ways.. someone read that the next big Alfa would be based on the Chrysler 300 platform, so they did a weak photochop based on the previous-generation FWD 300M! The greenhouse is identical.. and dips way too low to be on the same platform as the tall, slab-sided RWD 300C.

  10. Chrysler can't build a vehicle using 100% their own design/parts/components to save their life. ACRUALLY Chrysler built one of the fastest (60MPH), most reliable tanks the US ARMY ever had (the Chrysler M1 — still in use, and still the best one we've got). And NASA would have gone nowhere (let alone to the moon) without Chrysler engineered & manufactured rockets. And Imperials were so rugged that most demolition derbys banned them for years (saying they had an unfair advantage). I suppose you think they buy "stow-N-go" and "Swivel-N-go" seats from Toyota. And variable-displacement Hemi engines from Honda. The ALL NEW Mercedes GLK uses an "all new" suspension origionally designed by JEEP division years ago;(an upgraded air suspension version will show up on Jeeps & Mercedes' very soon). The voice-activated systems in the new Lincolns and other luxury cars — were optional on Chrysler K-cars in the 1980's. The truth is that Mercedes raided Chrylser's R&D dept like a band of Vandels pilaging a village in England. When you say Chrysler can't make anything on their own you just come off as (I'll be polite) young & ignorant! Over the last 75 years they've gotten more origional patents than Toyota and Mercedes TOGETHER have stolen!

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