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Nissan will kill the Armada but keep the QX for Infiniti.

The QX will be all new next year, and will not be based on the Armada anymore.

Instead, it will be a luxury version of the next Nissan Patrol.

This is a picture of the next Patrol, and as you can see, the QX is pretty much the same car with a new grille.

At least it will make the big Infiniti SUV unique in the US since the Patrol has never been sold over here.

But I just wonder how popular this huge beast with its 5.6 Liter engine will be….

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  1. I'm sorry, that looks f-ing retarded.

    The current QX is nothing special and I predict this will be more of the same – Infinity trying too hard.

  2. The front of that new QX is UUUUUUGGGGGLLLLYYYYY!!!!! The side is interesting though (minus the fake air extractor).

  3. I agree. Did they really sell that many QX's to make it worthwhile having a 2nd generation model? Or better yet, does Lexus sell enough gussied-up Land Cruisers that it is worth it for Infiniti to follow suit?

  4. The Armada and QX were both low effort vehicles and their sales numbers and reviews showed that.

    The interior of the QX was seriously lacking for something priced as high as it was, and the competition that it had. It was basically a rebadged Armada with a couple trim changes.

    The Armada was just a poor vehicle overall.

  5. Lets see hmmmm, it has the Mesa's A pillars which came from the Land Rover. The greenhouse the back window reminds me of the outlander' the side profile up to the second window reminds me of the Toyota Landcruiser. The side grille is on the Land Rover, Ford Focus, Kia Soul, Ford Taurus, Buick Lucerne and many more. The tail lights are audiish. .

  6. Sorry, this is a lame vehicle.

    If you don't care about a badge (which you shouldn't) and NEED a body on frame SUV for towing, buy a Kia Borrego V8 and save literally $25,000 or more depending on configuration.

    $25,000 is a lot of scratch. Here are some things you can do with $25,000 saved by buying the Kia:

    1. Invest that money, triple or quadruple (or much more) it and be set for retirement. Anyone want to guess what I do for a living? haha

    2. You could remodel your kitchen AND bathroom for that much money, get all of that money back and THEN some.

    3. Donate it to a charity and feel good about yourself and write some of that off.

    4. Buy your kid a nice, safe and new car and put aside the rest for their college fund.

    Seriously, think about that. If you don't agree then you aren't that smart.

  7. OMFG. First Lexus, then Honda, and now Nissan? Are they all going crazy?

    I can't wait to laugh at anyone who buys this ugly beast.

  8. Its not that bad guys…not one to bust one over either. Its okay I just thing the headlamps should be a lot higher to make sense of the big bass mouth grille.

  9. It has 4 wheels like an Audi…Cup holders like a Kia…License plate brackets like Bugatti……

  10. I think the Nissan version is much much nicer than the Infiniti one. Maybe the Nissan Patrol will be the new Nissan Armada?

  11. Looks like what the restyled toyota land cruiser/lx 5wateva would of/ maybe even should of been. It aint superbad, but it could've been WAY better!

  12. gorgeous, i own a current Armada and have 120,000 trouble free miles on it. I will get one for sure.

  13. The exterior is less ugly than that bulbous Armada disaster. I don't think this will put a dent in the sales of the LX/Escalade/Range Rover competition.

  14. I want to hate it, but I can't. There's something strangely luscious about it. I certainly wouldn't buy one, but something tells me it'll be a cult classic.


  15. One thing is for sure, there will be a lot of middle easterners driving this thing.

    They will undoubtedly be wearing too much cologne and an Armani Exchange tshirt with their chest hair hanging out and girls sunglasses. You can count on the fact that they will be blasting some persian techno/pop music. Don't forget about the fact that they HAVE to have a $1,000 Nokia that nobody else has and be talking very loudly on it.

    Those are the ONLY people I see driving Infinitis.

  16. So another SUV with side grilles like the Ford Focus, Land Rover, Kia Soul,Saturn Vue, hmmm, doesn't Mini Cooper have side grille's too. I know the new Taurus does.

  17. That's funny, when the Soul came out with it's side grille in production, everyone said they copied Land Rvoer but the others you just said what's there reason?

    That's right put Acura to Volvo's out there.

  18. I see they copied the Kia Venga's tailights. They better had kept the same grille from the last generation QX because I sure was ready to get up in what that looks like too. And they say the Koreans are only copying. B.S. The back window reminds me of the Mitsubishi Outlander. But that's ok since the Outlander's tail lights look like the Lexus RX. From Acura to Volvo.

  19. Speaking of outlander, the Subuaru Forster's headlights looks like the Outlander with the Kia Mesa grille. But that's ok since the Borrego looks like it could be the Forester's big brother.

  20. Don't forget that this runs on Bridgestone tires. So does the Honda CR-V so they obviously copied the CR-V.

    This thing is ugly as sin. I would never consider cross shopping it between a GL or a Range Rover.

  21. Just when you think Nissan could not make the QX uglier, they present this steaming pile of crap. What is the problem? Are those Japanese designers' eyes too tight to notice how ugly their designs are?

  22. Give me an MDX please.

    I'll keep my cost savings for something else like a new motorcycle or a jetski.

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