All new Focus based Ford C-Max

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The C-Max is based on the next version of the Euro Focus.
The one we’ll actually get over here.
And there is a good chance we might get the C-Max as well.

Here is the official PR BS:

“The new Ford C-MAX takes its design cues from the stunning iosis MAX concept car unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, and brings new levels of style and desirability to the compact multi-activity vehicle (MAV) market.

Departing from usual MAV thinking by using Ford’s ‘kinetic design’ styling language to adopt a more dynamic passenger-car look, the new model features a coup√©-like, sweeping roofline while still retaining the established Ford C-MAX hallmarks of comfort, space, and practicality.

The new Ford C-MAX will introduce a host of new technologies to the Ford range, including an all-new 1.6-litre Ford EcoBoost direct injection petrol engine and other advanced features to enhance convenience and safety such as semi-automatic parallel parking and a blind-spot detection system.

The Ford C-MAX will be launched in the second half of 2010 and is the first in a new generation of global vehicles developed from Ford’s new C-segment platform, scheduled for introduction over the next several years. The global range will also include the all-new Ford Focus coming in late 2010.

Further details about the new Ford C-MAX will be released at Ford’s Frankfurt press conference at 11.00 hrs (CET) on 15 September.”

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  1. Things in this size catagory are always cheaper than dirt, dangerous as hell, uncomfortable as crap. But I guess this one at least not a offensive as most vehicles in the golf cart / lawn tractor size category.

  2. great stuff. so solid, crisp edges and nice massing. i don't see a lot of this level of design work on cars sold here in NA.
    i particularly like the way they've kept the big, tall rear end from looking too big and tall.

  3. Why the hell did they put a glass roof instead of a panoramic slide/tilt sunroof? Some people like me just wouldn't consider a car without a sunroof… Too bad about this one.

  4. Dear Ford,

    Yes please.

    This is exactly what Ford needs right now. Ford's existing line up is very nice, as long as you want a sedan. For those of us with kids and the need to occasionally transport blocky objects, you have to move to an outdated SUV.

    Bring it Ford, bring it now!

  5. I thought the C-Max was the MPV version of the Focus platform. This looks like a Focus 5 door hatch. How's this going to differ from the new Focus hatch? I'm confused!

  6. I like this format of car. A tall slightly longer hatch. Sort of, mini- minivan. But I'm still waiting to find one that has a real list of features and is sporty. I agree with the comment about a sunroof and quality interior. Could be a while, but I think this is one of the upcoming directions of the auto industry. Now think 'sport', not 'kid-hauler'.

  7. "How's this going to differ from the new Focus hatch? "

    The C-Max and the Focus are probably the same exact platforms as the Mazda 5 and the Mazda 3. So the proportions of the Fords are going to be just about the same as the Mazda versions. I'm guessing.

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