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This will make news when it comes to the US market in a few months.
Let’s hope they keep the prices down.

Resale is still not as good as most of the competition, but at least, it does look really interesting.
Don’t forget, we are talking about a family car that would start at around $20 000….

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  1. Ya know i dont like the design !

    I dont like the front end at all, the rear end is semi ok and the side profile is hot ! so i say i dont like the design but i really like the car for being different !!!

  2. Weird, I just suffered an Anti-Crosstour attack. It looks even better w/o the cameo and grainy pictures!

    They should rename this the Tiburon because it captures that shark look very well!

    However if it wasn't for the 2002 Camry I'm sure I would have thought differently about this.

  3. Not the best design they have put out… Interesting yes. But good looking? Eh. I'd rather buy an Accord.

  4. I can't get over how much the front end reminds me of the Toyota Solara and the back end is now starting to remind me of the previous gen Camry. Does anyone agree?

  5. for 20,000 base. i would load this thing up and trade my lexus in for this. Ive been thinking about the genesis but this design is so much more attractive

  6. Wow…is that the NEW Sonata-ES350?
    Hyundai's on a roll with the Genesis-5series, the upcomming Equis-Lucerne, and the Tucson-Murano….duh.

  7. Toyota and Honda just woke up with wet sheets. This is a cut above and a side note I think the interior is better looking than the exterior. This should get some further increase Hyundai/Kia market share.

  8. from the ass end , you cannot argue , it looks just like a Camry ( the last model) from the front, very garrish. teeth showing and blinged out.

  9. The attractive interior helps make up for the Sonata's cartoonish, Toyota-esque styling. I'll pass.

  10. It's still interesting how despite all the negative comments of the Camry's "blandness", you still see them flying off the lots.

    I think that the car will find its place. The previous Sonata proved to be a worthy competitor. I think this is better than the previous Sonata in a lot of ways … it should do good.

  11. Yeah this looks fantastic, but I don't know if I would get one over an Accord. I'd have to drive it first, and the Accord drives very well so it is up against a strong competitior.

  12. hay, toyo fan girl, camrys are not flying anywhere but low. Every single model they build ( with the exception of that Primus thing) has decreased in sales numbers. Why?, they are the GM of the imports. end of story.

  13. Basically every car maker has had sales numbers sliding in this recession.
    Its a fact that people will buy more korean cars during a recession as they are cheaper but hence they don't have quite the resale when its time to bail out.

  14. does it remind you of a reworked Lexus ES, the current one!! plus a bit of T.Solara in it. It's nice for sure

  15. I've concluded that this is "love it or hate it" styling…either way it still gets more attention than something "bland." But really, how many other vehicles have been in the same predicament? Can you not say the same about the Altima and Mazda 6?

  16. In fact , the venerable Altima and leading edge Mazda 6 are true gems in their class. Far outshining any offering from lesser companies like toyota and honda……I mean Far!

  17. Oh please if this was a Toyota or a Honda yall would be drooling all over this design regardless if it looks like a Solara or G6. But since it's Hyundai/Kia it gets critized about what it looks like.

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