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A better picture. But still.
How many lines does it take to design a car???

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    -Super-rugged looks
    -Bulging fenders, even though there's a skinny trim piece around the wheel wells
    -Front headlights, grill, and brush guard looking bumper
    -3rd gen 4Runner side profile, especially the A, B, & C pillars
    -Side mirrors with turn signal & puddle lights
    -Squared-off angles on the front and rear bumpers

    -Lamo mechanical antenna
    -20" rims, could've just gone with 18"s
    -Weird bottom rear angle on window behind the C pillar

    If this design came out right after the 3rd gen, I think everyone would've loved it, but since it's following the smoother/sleeker 4th gen, people are going through some adjustment shock. I actually really like it, and I've owned both 3rd and 4th gen Runners.

  2. UGH! still ugly! whats wrong with the designers!!! its not very attractive and awkard design lines all over.

  3. Are ppl really still buying 4Runner's? I thought truck based suv's were pretty much a thing of the past.

  4. Seems all new designs have stupid lines and retarded front and back designs. Fire anyone who claims to be a "Stylist" and just have an Internet design contest where the winning designer gets a free car…I have seen great photochops everywhere.

  5. I have to admit, that is about the least inspiring, ugly box I've seen in quite a while. And this is coming form a Toyota owner and fan. Why did they even bother?

  6. "…brush guard looking bumper"

    Brush guards on vehicles that never see off road conditions is poser ridiculous, and we see them everywhere on shiny SUVs without a scratch or spot of mud on them. But making a bumper that fakes that is beyond absurd and phony. It's downright childish.

  7. B.O.R.I.N.G.!!! Wow, Toyota sure knows how to save money on design a vehicle using old design cues from other vehicles!! Using a little design styles from FJ-Cruiser, a little of Highlander and a little of Sequioa, voila, we got the new 4-runner! Boring and another useless redundant vehicle from Toyota!

  8. Whatever you Toyota-haters say, just watch…you're gonna see a BUNCH of these on the road. Even in an SUV down market! Toyota is paying homage to the 3rd gen Runner here, and has modernized it while adding even more off-roading capability.

  9. Maybe they are going back to the rugged look as what they are supposed to be. Instead of poofy designs from Kia and Hyundai.
    If you want something for road use maybe buy a highlander.

  10. no one is toyota hatin', we are just stating the obvious. Don't be offended because you work in the cleanup bay at a toyota store. Them's the plain facts and the truth hurts. Toyota will not sell many. the current one, ugly as well but not this ugly does not sell.

  11. "Anonymous said…
    Whatever you Toyota-haters say, just watch…you're gonna see a BUNCH of these on the road. Even in an SUV down market! Toyota is paying homage to the 3rd gen Runner here, and has modernized it while adding even more off-roading capability.

    September 8, 2009 11:02 AM"

    Just like you see a ton of the current generation on the road now, right?

    You are a fool. People don't buy many body on frame SUVs anymore.

  12. There ARE a ton of current 4th gen 4Runners on the road, as well as 3rd Gen, 2nd Gen, and even 1st Gens. These trucks are built super-solid, and there's no wonder 70% are still in operation. If you've never owned one, you just don't know. I can agree that the overall shape is a throw-back, but the styling cues are very up to date. This thing looks like a beast. If you think it's ugly, just keep driving your CR-V, MDX, RX350, or whatever wimpy SUV you got.

  13. I work in forestry and am looking to upgrade from my current outgoing generation 4runner and by the looks this is exactly what i am after.

  14. Cant wait for SEMA on this one !! this thing needs some evo or gtr lipstick on it and have badass written all over it.

  15. If I had to choose, I'd take it over the Accord Crosstour, that's for sure. Still blocky and ugly though.

  16. guys youtube 4runner.. this is a tough offroader.. and the new looks goes well with it. i actually like the ancient landruiser 70 looks very much.

  17. Never had much luck with toyota, but I actually do like the angular stance of this. (but when you're off road as much as I am; reliability has to trump style. So for now I'll stick with Jeep.) But I'll definitely be watching to see if these things can hold together & handle as well as Comanders & Gr.Cherokees.

  18. I work in forestry and do quite moderate to serious off roading and no problem with my 2007 4 runner.
    Ive had no experience with comanders and cherokees so its hard to compare.

  19. YOU SAID "Car based SUVs are a much better fit. If I had to chose, I'd buy a Pilot over the new 4Runner any day of the week." If you never leave the pavement, Pilot, Jeep Compass, & Subaru are fine. But if you're off-road as much as I am; truck-like things like this & Explorer will keep you out of trouble. (If you need car-like luxury AND off road ability– get a Jeep (Commander). Just don't be foolish enough to take a Pilot too far from the beaten path; you won't be coming back.

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