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GM just released these pictures of some some car ideas for Buick. Including a 2+2 Coupe.

I guess it shows they really want to push the brand. And cover almost every market with it, including a compact car.
But so far, the only compact we’ll be getting from Buick will be a rebadged Opel Astra with a Buick grille.
Like they’re getting in China next year.
So these illustrations are pretty much just designers dreams….

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  1. I wish they would do a small lux/performance car like the Lexus IS 250/350. Something quality, quiet design and very upscale.

  2. So GM are now so flush with cash they can pay designers to sit there and play with their pencils.
    Pictures of cars that will never be made and wouldn't look like that if they were.

  3. Anonymous September 22, 2009 7:03 PM said…
    To good for Chevrolet but not good enough for Cadillac. What a joke brand.

    Ever hear of Goldilocks?

  4. No joke about it ! there aint nothing wrong with cars that are priced a little above chevy and alot less than caddy, hell have u priced a dts lately ? what a joke there asking for that when lexus bmw and others make a much better rear driver for a whole lot less !!!

  5. It's a sad world when Buicks are as tiny as Hondas. At least the styling is origional — god knows we could all use a little creativity in the car business.

  6. The second one would be an excellent Riviera.

    With Pontiac no longer around, why not turn up the sport at Buick?

  7. "Is it just me of does the second picture look like a 350z"

    Bingo…that was my initial thought too. The 4th pic looks like an artist's exaggeration of the Buick Astra.

  8. Yeah, that second pic does look like a Nissan Z.

    I don't know why GM decided to rid of Pontiac and keep GMC and Buick. They can keep the Buick brand alive in China but not here. At least just bring back Pontiac, get rid of GMC and focus on just three brand in the U.S.

    Chevrolet, Pontiac, Cadillac
    The General Motors that should've been.

  9. I would not disagree there, Scion xBoy. But if GM was not gonna do Pontiac right, it is better off gone.

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