Citroen 2CV Concept

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From these angles, it does look a bit more like the 2CV. But still, it should have round headlights.
And it’s not as obvious as the Mini or New Beetle.

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  1. Maybe this car has retractable round headlights, like the first Miata, and when they turn the lights on, it will look more like a 2CV, let's wait 'till next pics or Frankfurt

  2. Are those reflections on the top of the fenders where headlights should be? That's bizarre…but then so are the French. And that isn't a criticism.

    I think this little car is adorable and very expressive. I'd buy one if I could afford it.

  3. i think those curves over the headlights might be LED running lights, just to reference the 2CV's lights. from these angles, i'm LOVING this car. it's post-retro, but with a great sense of history to it.

  4. So Citroen uses the same pilars from Landrover, that new Armanda, the Kia Mesa too huh (but it's just Kia copying right?).

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