Citroen Cactus???

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This is supposed to be an all new Citroen model coming out next year.
It would be only offered as a Hybrid. But in 2 versions. One with a regular gas/electric powertrain and another with a diesel/electric combo.

I used to really like Citroen designs from just a couple of years ago. Like the C5 and new Picasso.
But this is getting a little weird. They are really pushing the envelope, maybe a bit too much.

But then again, Citroens aren’t supposed to be like anything else, and they’re not supposed to be for everyone.
Saab and Subaru should learn from them…

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  1. I like it a lot. I don't know a thing about Citroen, except they are over in Europe, have a weird name and make weird cars. Would be great if they came over here, and yes Saab and Subaru should learn from them. Especially Subaru.

  2. i liked the cactus concept, and this IS a fuzzy maybe photo, but….not good. here's hoping citroen keep up their recent streak of decent design

  3. The side looks like this will be a 209 clone and the front is weird. I really fear that this could be real. It is way too detailed, original and finished without taking too many details of other, recent Citroes to be "just" a photoshop. The only thing i really like about this, is your remark on Subaru and Saab and that they should learn from this. The feedback for the new 9-5 at the IAA in Frankfurt was so negative that I don´t see much of a future for Saab (although i really like them).

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