Honda U3-X

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This all new Honda concept has only one wheel.
And is intended to compete mostly with the Segway.

This is the result of Honda’s many years of research in robots.
Yes, one day, there will be as many robots around as cars. And Honda will be making a lot of money…..

Here is how it works:

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  1. Whereas the Segway is designed for people too lazy to walk, the Honda U3-X is designed for people to lazy to both walk or stand.

  2. WoW! Just when I thought the human race couldn't get any lazier! At least it does something the segway can't, side-to-side motion.

    In 20 years I can see this as the new popular "annoyance" at Disney World.

  3. That is VERY cool.

    Honda does some really neat stuff other than cars. They do lawnmowers, generators, boat motors, the Asimo robot, and AIRPLANES!!!

    Yes, you read that right. Honda makes AIRPLANES.

  4. "ne1butu said…
    But why? This is why we have legs.

    September 24, 2009 1:10 PM"

    Disabled people???

    People in physical rehab???

    Come on man, don't be so closed minded.

  5. honda should waste their time another way. imagine the resources time , money that went into this toy. Spend it all on better transmissions please.

  6. they need some attachments for the seats so that those german car show models above can get on one and demonstrate it "all" day.

  7. "Disabled people???

    People in physical rehab???

    Come on man, don't be so closed minded."

    How? I don't think this would be useful at all for disabled people.

  8. I wish the Accord looked as good as this. Nice industrial design Honda…show it to your car designers!

  9. That's not original neither. The unicycle came out first. From Acuras to Volvos. So what's next toyota is coming out next, then Nissan then Hyundai? If hyundai came out after Toyota and Nissan came out, People would say "They copied." Eventhough Toyota and Nissan were to come out with their verison first.

  10. What people don't realize is that technology research like this will lead to things YOU CANNOT THINK OF RIGHT NOW.

    It's nice to see some pure research, regardless if what they demonstrate has no obvious purposes RIGHT NOW.

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