Lexus LF-Ch Concept

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A stupid name.

Let’s hope they call it something else when the production version comes out next year.
This seems OK, but Lexus has a horrible track record about turning their concepts into production cars.
Usually, a year later, the production model doesn’t have much to do with what they teased us with…

We’ll see:

Here are more fancy words from their PR department:

” Premium compact concept with Lexus Hybrid Drive
Practical 5-door body, meeting the core needs of customers in the premium compact market

Reinforcing Lexus’ position as the only manufacturer to offer a range of hybrid vehicles, the LF-Ch concept will make its world premiere the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

LF-Ch combines stylish design and full hybrid technology in a practical 5-door compact package to fulfil the needs of the most demanding premium compact segment customers.

Benefiting from an electric-only driving capability, a key feature of Lexus Hybrid Drive, LF-Ch will allow for virtually silent urban driving with zero emissions.”

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  1. People also hate what makes them sick to their stomach. Or what they have spent $30k on just to be continuously dissappointed repeatedly over 3 very long years.

  2. Vince… Why the name is stupid?

    It is not even a name. You said it yourself, it's just the prototype name. Like all other Lexus prototypes, they have been doing that for a couple of years now.

    You should start letting go the bashing on the brand. If you don't like Lexus, just admit it.

    You know I'm a fan of your site, but you've been doing that since a while ago.

    If you're going to give a opinion, make it a complete one. Don't use ''stupid'' adjectives. It is not professional.


  3. it's a GREAT name, pronounced "luff-cha".

    (love hatchbacks, but no interestin this luff-cha at all)

  4. Stupid name. Stupid design. Stupid car. Stupid is as Stupid designs. Stupid.

    September 1, 2009 3:08 PM

    People hate what they envy the most.

  5. I doubt that they will use that name. Its the name of the concept.
    If it looks similar to this it wont be too bad at all.

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