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-1.5 Liter (Instead of 1.3 Liter used in the Insight)
-6 speed manual

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  1. Wow….so it's official, Honda will offer the first Manual Hybrid…hopefully it'll be priced reasonably, otherwise you might as well go for the Civic Si.

  2. This looks pretty nice. I, too, like the interior, but that Honda corporate steering wheel's bulbous center hub looks like a zit that needs to be popped.

  3. The manual transmission on the original Insight was what kept many buyers away. By the time they offered the auto a couple years later, there was little interest in the car. Hopefully, they are not repeating that same mistake again. Take some insight from the sales leader in hybrids; Toyota. Have you ever seen a manual Prius? Just because it has 2 doors, doesn't mean people want to shift it.

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