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Honda tried to be cool by using Facebook to release pictures and info, but they got such an overwhelmingly bad response.
They are now releasing new pictures of the car. Hoping people will like it better.
I have rarely seen such negativity about a new car from a major manufacturer.

I think they also need better photographers, not just better designers….

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  1. Hi Vince im a big fan of your page and the accord crosstour is coming to Mexico too. Im from Monterrey Mexico and also did you know Buick is coming back to replace Pontiac.The Lacrosse and Enclave are coming in one month from now.
    The Accord Crosstour is not ugly for my taste just a little awkward. The Accord sedan and coupe are really big sellers over here.


  2. Horrid design. What is with that front end? It can join the Pilot as nominees for the "Ugliest front end in a new car" category . Maybe it will look better in person.

  3. The Honda Craptour looks awful, red doesn't improve things. I see they copied the hubcaps from Ford.

  4. Looks like a hack job to the current accord design, and the sedan version is not inspiring to begin with. You've got to wonder who at Honda is approving these vehicles during the design phase.

  5. A better photographer can only do so much. They need to hire better designers because seeing this ugly car on the road is causing vision damage to the general public.

  6. There is no god.

    Only joking. But seriously it makes you question why in God's name would a person (or group of people) exist in this world to create THIS????


  7. I am outraged in that Honda will release this ugly thing and not a word of a sportwagon. If they want to take a chance on this then why not bite the bullit and try marketing the excellent Accord wagon (that everyone else has). I think they would be surprised to find out that if they do offer the wagon there would be a waiting list. Times have changed and tastes are shifting. In defense of Honda on this horrid car it does look better than the Acura counterpart (now that is beyond words).

  8. I'm a big Honda fan and I have to say that this is really awkward and ugly. It's so sad that I was seriously considering the thought of an AWD Accord as a great idea for my next car purchase in 2010. However, unless it looks incredibly great in person (highly doubtful), I'm taking Honda off my list.

  9. That's what they get for being so secretive about this design……this is a DOG…..they think their poop doesn't stink….a nice accord wagon or civic would have been nice….oh well…..maybe somebody at Honda with a hardon for the Chrylser K cars of the 80's got the board at honda to smoke a bowl and got them all to sign on……stoopid….

  10. The grill is the issue. Why does it have to be so "loud?" The rest is okay. Hondas of late have lost that "efficiency" look.

  11. I think some elements of this unbalanced design reminds me of the previous gen Accord which is not saying much because design-wise, this is a step backwards.

    Having said that, recall how lukewarm the reception the current redesigned CR-V (and Honda best seller SUV)received?

    So Honda may not have the best appealing looking cars, but many people buy them by the bunch because they believe Honda makes solid, reliable, well engineered cars. Plus Honda's have very good resale value, which speaks to their demand in the used car market!

    I'm not a big Honda fan but looking at it from a business point of view, they went with the "safe, tried and true" design, inoffensive, generic and boring.

    In spite of their dull designs, sales of most of their line-up are still chugging right along. So far they've been right.

  12. Does anyone else notice that it has the same bubble butt as the Porsche Panamera? Awful awful awful.

  13. This looks better…They could do a lot better at design if they get rid of thier Kalifornia design brats.

  14. This is a hideous vehicle. But that aside, I gotta wonder what the process is to get something like this to final production. Lately there have been some really bad designs from various manufacturers (Honda and Toyota especially) so I've been wondering about this. Obviously there's a group that comes up with some ideas, another that comes up with a bunch of sketches, another that comes up with some clay models etc etc blah blah blah….. But what about the approval process. Granted we all like different things and there might be something that I can't stand but someone else might want to buy 5 of them. I guess I'm wondering how the approval process works in these companies. In the case of this vehicle or the Toyota Prado/Lexus GX, how does a group of people in a company look at the final designs and say, OH YEAH…People are going to LOVE this and buy a MILLION of them. Do they HONESTLY believe these vehicles look good? Or do they need better eye care coverage in their medical insurance plans? Does anyone know how they approve a final design?

  15. Less roomy than a SUV while consuming more gas than a car. It also looks cheap and ugly not for functional reasons but just because of the Honda designer's stupidity.

  16. Those new pictures don't make anybody change their mind. Still look bad. Overall proportion, balance between body/wheel are not working well… could have been a lot better. If it's a good design, it should look good from any angle…

  17. Unless you are 12 or under, can we all give up on the word "fugly". And really, this can isn't all that bad looking. The profile and window-line are actually clearn. The front end is out of proportion, I grant you that. I too would rather have the Accord wagon, which if they use the Euro-version, would make an obvious TSX wagon. I don't quite see the point of this vehicle though. It doesn't look more than an inch taller than the sedan. Now, if they did a budget version of the Lexus RX, which is essentially what the Toyota Venza is, then they'd have something. My wife wants something smaller than her Pilot next time, and I don't know if this is going to have as much cargo room as a CRV.

  18. the rear 3/4 view is fine with me. the entire car sits too high for me-way too much room over the tires for a non-awd car. the front grille is just too awkward. i wonder if the front clip from the regular Accord sedan would fit…

  19. Certainly not attractive in these pictures. And do we have to put up with another grille? They slapped on the ZDX a few changes front and back. However, they are trying to "convince" us that the ZDX is an "Acura" design. They even placed a face on the designer….When is Honda going to realize that they can double their sales by replacing their design teams? In their effort to look different, they end up looking odd.

  20. Honda is the type of company that is almost sadistic. They know what their customers prefer and need, but when they are about to finalize they go half the way.

  21. It's not very often a car company makes a car that looks outdated before it is ever put to market but this car has done just that. Not a single good angle and a truely pathetic design with complete lack of effort.

  22. It's less offensive in red. I'd say more so than being ugly, it's simply awkward and uninspired. Honda has been dropping the ball on design lately, it seems. Their cars (Acura included) always seemed sleek and attractive to me, up until the new Pilot/MDX/TL/RL/Ridgeline and now this. What happened?

  23. I did a double-take when I saw this photo- It really isn't that bad! I'm shocked as I was one of the naysayers with the original silver pictures. I have to say- Now the ugliest car award has to go to the Highlander.

  24. "Unless you are 12 or under, can we all give up on the word "fugly". And really, this can isn't all that bad looking. "

    I'm 39 and the word "fugly" suits this car perfectly. I prefer just saying "fug." The Crosstour is that bad. Honda designs have been getting worse and worse over the past five years. The Crosstour and the BMW 5 series hatch are the epitome of dumb design.

  25. Not exactly the best looking vechicle I've ever seen, but not the worst. However, Honda does get criticized for convervative design. When they attempt to reach beyond this, they get nailed for being too "out there." This looks like an old Citroen, or an old AMC eagle. I applaud them for trying to reach beyond their comfort zone, but this one… bleh!

  26. It's a pity, but I think Japanese designers (and the American designers working at these companies) have totally derailed. With the exception of the current Civic and Mazda 6, most models or the latestest iterations (i.e. murano, accord, mazda 3, infiniti fx, etc) are just horible over-styled designs. This Crosstour is an example of taking a mediocre design (the current accord) and just making it worse, and not because it's a 4 door hatch, but because it just not an appealing form. To all the Honda designers out there, please explain!!!!!!!

  27. I'm glad this is ugly. Now that 2011 Kia Optima looks like a hatch but I'm not sure yet. All I know is that car is hot. I can't wait for it to show at the next NAIAS. Now I want to see what the new Kia's resale vaule are. Kia is already above adverage list.

  28. I always wondered what a chrysler mini-van would look like after a back-alley abortion……now I know…..

  29. It's common on car blog websites, everytime a new model comes out 90% of the comments are negative. Unless its some kind of Challenger-ish-everybody-loves type of desing. A lot of people complains that most cars looks alike and everytime something different comes out they bash on it, pathetic, isnt'it?

  30. "It's common on car blog websites, everytime a new model comes out 90% of the comments are negative."

    You'll always get some brand bashing troll. But it's generally not so overwhelming as this.

  31. I havent commented on this blog in quite a while, but regardless i've still been viewing it every single day for the past 3 years. great blog. So ok, down to BUISNESS, OPEN YOUR EYES VINCE, and take a good look at this Crosstour. its so out of proportion. i know ur a big fan of the accord, but UGLY IS UGLY, and Honda did not do good on this one.

  32. if honda wanted a new accord model, here's what it would have done ten years ago when it was building practical, reliable cars: make a legitimate hatchback or wagon version of the accord. no more pussyfooting around with a car that tries to disguise what it is and waste space in the process.

    this will sell like crap there's still time to cancel the model! here's what should happen: build a sleek 5-door hatchback of the accord sedan, give it the sexy front end of the accord coupe, and make it small enough to fit in my garage.


  33. the funny thing is, everyone says it's ugly and that they would want a clean-looking sportwagon.

    I bet if you brought over a slick, quick Accord sportwagon, nobody would buy it.

    And I also bet that this monstrosity will sell halfway decently.

    One guy commented that it reminded him a little of the old AMC Eagle, I think the 'heavy' grille is what does that but he's right. Though I thought the Eagle was a little more handsome…

  34. You can add me to the list of people who really likes this vehicle. I think the front might be a bit overdone but I like the rest.

    Vince, why do you allow some comments on that are obviously the same person posting twice? Some comments are RIGHT on top of each other!!!!

  35. just add another ugly piece to the Ridgeline, why not? they might actually sell some of this shit to people who got no taste etc.. just like the Pontiac Aztek, or Ass-tack whatever the fxxx u call it.ugly people buy ugly car, if anyof my friend buy this car, i'd tell them dont ever ask me to ride in this ugly piece of shit

  36. The back end design is starting to grow on me, and I love the idea of a hatchback. I do think one of you hit it on the head: the rear looks like it will severely limit visibility and reduce cargo space. Combined with the not real pretty front, I suspect sales will be lower than expected. As will the ZDX's. Funny thing is, they'll blame it on Americans not liking hatches. We wont hear about Americans not liking THESE hatches.

  37. I hae owned Hondas for years my current car is a 2007 Civic Ex sedan. In my opinion it was the last good looking car Honda has come out with in the last few years. if the Crosstour is any indication of what furture honda designs will look like they have lost a long time customer. IMy onlyhope is that the next genertion Ford Focus will be based on the new Euro design. If not I am going to buy a VW GTI 3 door.

  38. Honda will not be selling this in Europe and they would never try to sell this in Asia either,therefore one must deduce that it was only intended for rednecks who have waited years for a new second generation Pontiac Aztecs to hit the showrooms!

  39. There is a lot of bashing going on, but I actually like this vehicle.

    I think Honda is doing themselves a disservice by releasing such terrible pictures of the car. I think they are going to dig themselves into a hole that they can't get out of with their bad PR and marketing company.

  40. I'll buy one, that is no BS.

    I'll take on in white with the four cylinder and AWD. I'd MUCH rather have this Crosstour than a Venza or a new (2010) Subaru Outback and this is coming from a current Outback owner.

    I think a lot of people are just jumping on a hate bandwagon. This vehicle really isn't THAT bad. The next Aztek it certainly is not.

  41. The old Accord hatchback from the 80's was a stylish 2 door hatchback that offered room and versatility in a sensible package. This new 4 door version will also offer the same values without the sportiness of the 2 door version but the BIGGEST problem here is the large rounded bulbis rear end that screams " I need to go on a diet"!

  42. They used the very handsome Euro Accord (Acura TSX) wagon body panels as a test mule for this beast.. then totally screwed the pooch with the useless fastback bodystyle. That and the abnormally high ride height (check out that front-view pic!) makes this completely awkward.

  43. My feeling is that a fastback should have been attempted with the previous car, which was much sleeker.

  44. I wonder what the car would look like in black, because most cars (regardless of how ugly they are) look good in black.

  45. "Anonymous said…
    Lots of posts – cause Accord buyers buy on pure emotion (obviously not on taste or logic).

    September 10, 2009 7:50 PM"

    Right, because Accord drivers don't listen to Consumer Reports or Car and Driver who constantly rates it in their 10 best. Consumer Reports rated Honda as the best manufacturer. Motor Trend loves the Accord, as does Road & Track.

    Shut your mouth you idiot.

  46. More useful than a sedan and not bad looking IMO. All of these round-assed things look a bit clumsy.

    Trouble is that hatchbacks don't sell in the U.S., and this one probably won't, either.

    The Accord is a great car and the Crosstour is a good choice for more utility in a sedan. I'd consider one unless rear visibility were too compromised.

    Seems to me that a station wagon is a more sensible design with higher loading space and better visibility to the rear.

    See this for a better choice:

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