New BMW 5 Series GT hatchback video

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I think it does look better in this video.
Or maybe I’m just getting used to it. Heavy back end and all…

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  1. I looked at one of these the other day. Not as nice as the prototype was. Interior is a lot less interesting than I thought it would be. Anticlimatic. But then I'm not a big fan of hatchbacks in general. I decided to skip it.

  2. So… you think it looks better in this video…. Hmm…. I think it looks better to you because of its BMW badge… Had it said "Honda Crosstour," which it closely resembles, it would have been declared hideous.

    Badge or no badge, BOTH cars appear to been beating by a whole bushel of ugly sticks.

  3. No, it's just that you've seen the uglier Accord Crosstour. Anything looks better than that these days.

  4. The B pillar reminds me of the VW Phaton's but that's ok since the Mailibu copied BWM'S tailights. Didn't the Dymanite have tailights like BMW when it was in production too? The back window reminds me of the Kia Kue's back window. The A pillars reminds me of the Infiniti EX's A pillars. From Acura to Volvo. Oh yeah and its' nice looking too.

  5. For such a big-looking car, the trunk is so tiny.

    Being different for the sake of different would not be good. But then I guess, consumers with load of cash want something to stand out in their neighborhood. Personally, I think the 5-wagon looks much better and definitely more useful.

  6. Call me crazy, but I love the style of these vehicles INCLUDING the Crosstour.

    I think these vehicles will look MUCH better in person, that includes the Honda Crosstour.

  7. Dear September 14, 2009 1:22 PM; alright, "YOU"RE CRAZY!" I sat in a BMW 4dr hatchback and thought it was MUCH worse in person. At least the showcar version had an interresting interior — which never made it into production.

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