New Hyundai Tucson video

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So far I think it does look good.
And the interior seems much superior to the competition. At least in pictures.

We’ll see when the real thing comes out…

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  1. That grill, I just can't get past that gawdawfull grill. Not that the inside is any better. And I'm not trashing Hyundai, I own one, I love it. But this one has really bad design & it's just really hidious to have to look at that thing.

  2. I really like the front. It's very fluid and looks different.
    Anyway.if people don't like the front or the brand or the interior or the rear or the warranty, they just can go ahead and buy elsewhere: there are very nice Porsche Cayennes, Mercedes MLs, Toyota Sequoias Land Rovers Cadillacs… yeah, why bother If you don't like it?

    Hyundai will sell thousands of this.

    Still it resonates to me all the naysayers when the Genesis came out: they said: It will be a failure…another VW Phaeton…they need a separate brand …. Hyundai can't sell a 30,000 car… and look.. one year later, without that much advertising and more than 22,000 Hyundai Genesis sold ytd… in the US alone…

  3. Sexy Utility Vehicle. This ad won't work here…only because people don't want it to be called an "SUV"…haha. I also didn't expect that song choice…but it works well! They can't use that song in the US though, they don't want to taint it as a Sorority Utility Vehicle.

  4. "if people don't like the front or the brand or the interior or the rear or the warranty, they just can go ahead and buy elsewhere"

    Really? Since When? I never knew!

    I like the back view.

  5. The reason why you're hearing the pundits complain about the "ugly" grill this or they are "copying" this make or that, is for the very first time, many of these same naysayers are imagining their absolute worst nightmare that Hyundai will actually go Main Street in a big way with the new re-designed 2010 Tucson and upcoming 2011 Sonata, shattering forever their strongly held, negative, stereotypical views of Hyundai which belong in the past.

    The Genesis began the up shift of the Hyundai brand, disproving the naysayers and free wheeling pundits who had already pronounced the Genesis as the next "Phateon" equals = epic fail(!). The pundits were wrong then and they are wrong again, now.

    If you haven't driven a Hyundai, do as I have, take one for a test drive even if it's just to say you've got real wheel time on asphalt and so can speak from what you know, rather than making up fantasy comments about this brand.

    Drive one and find out why Toyota's chairman made the statement that of all the car brands, Hyundai was the one that Toyota feared the most!

    Vince, you drive a lot of cars, so I am looking forward to you giving us your straight talking opinion of the new 2010 Tucson when it becomes available here Stateside.

    There is no doubt that both the 2010 Tuscon and 2011 Sonata are game changers for Hyundai, not just in South Korea, and Europe but also here in the U.S.

    Hyundai has definitely brought their "A" game!

  6. Ford should be packing themselves.
    Hyundai has overtaken them to be the worlds 4th largest carmaker.

  7. HEY PILL!: I said this was ugly ONLY because it is really ungainly, discombobulatedly, abnormally, hideously, repulsively U G L Y UGLY! AND I OWN A HYUNDAI AND I LOVE IT. I'm SERIOUSLY considering a Genesis. Hyundai makes safe, great reliable cars!!! And MOST of them are well designed. But THIS one is ugly. UGLY GRILL. UGLSY DASH. SO-SO sides and less then great tail end. I'm just call'n 'em as I see em. -Sorry, if I offended you.

  8. The grill is Honda ugly. But other than that it's a completely nothing vehicle. It'll sell fine, and that is really sad. It is an indication of how automotive consumers are in a state of total malaise.

  9. This just creams the CR-V and the RAV-4, and it really takes after the Murano and the Lexus Rx. I just hope they make the glass sun roof standard in the mid level trim that would really make it competitive in the Crossover market.

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