New pictures of the all new 2011 Hyundai Sonata

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  1. The more I see it the more I like it, what a way to stand apart in the market Hyundai. All the other Asian makers are either making ugly or toned down cars. I mean look at Honda and their new Accord Wagon/SUV/Truck vehicle… I wasn't sure they could make the Accord any uglier but I guess I was wrong. When are they going to learn JDM cars work abroad? Not these stupid US exclusive designs and toned-down-mobiles!

    While I am ranting I should also mention the article I read about Lexus becoming another Buick. It was right. They won't attract younger buyers with the HS250h when it doesn't look near as good as Prius. Younger buyers want a lot of bang for $18-$25k and no matter what the base price they don't want to add $8000 package options or leather to get all the gadgets like Camera, Bluetooth, Premium Audio, and in dash Navigation they expect these things to be included the price. I mean there is just no way these "options" cost what they do if they are produced in large enough quantities. Hyundai is on the right track by offering more car for less scratch, and a longer warranty yo boot!!

  2. Looks like it's going to be a really nice car. I would like to see it in a different color. Maybe black. Not sure about the grille though. Need to see it in person.

  3. the more I see the new Sonata the more I dislike it. I am probably the only one that prefers the current look to this. What is with that HUGE grill and those lights stretch half way to the moon? No, I prefer the classic boxy shape to this thing.

  4. Nice ! Much better than Accord or Camry. The only thing they need to improve now, is the gas consumption.

    There is a lot of pictures of this car on the web. The secret seem hard to keep for this car maker !

  5. Holy Chrome, Batman!

    Vince, I know you like Chrome, but there is just too much on that grill. It really needs to be toned down.

    Otherwise, the car is looking good. Looks much better than any other midsize, IMHO.

  6. Other than the HUUUUUGE grill, this car looks GREAT! It might be the camera angle is making it look worse then it really is. I like all the creases and sculpted lines on it especially on the front and how some of them carry through the grill. The guages, the interior in general and even the steering wheel all look great. I saw another pic on another site (sorry Vince) 🙂 that showed paddle shifters.

    Great job Hyundai. The styling teams at Toyota and Honda could learn a few things from you.

  7. I origonally thought that this was a good looking car. Now I'm not sure.

    I hope that isn't the US grill (Photo 2 show Korean characters behind the car).

    I'm also not a big fan of sedans with tiny trunk openings. The trunk may be big, but if the only thing you can get into it is sand then having the rear window extend that far back is silly

  8. Solara/Sonata/Camry but with an Acura interior. O:K. Since Malibu gets 33MPG I expect this will ge 40.

  9. artandcolour said…

    the car is a hatchback-no need to worry about a small trunk opening.

    I wish.

  10. Look at toyotas, hondas…they are now ugly…look at this hyundai & also kia…their designs are better

  11. ^^^ hi art!!!

    think this car, if not all original, could have been a lot better if the designer(s) had never seen a BANGLE

    yes, I blame Bangle!!!

    the yucky flame surfacing and origami cutlines just makes it all that much more distasteful

  12. Too racy for my taste. Why? Because when cars are too low and swoopy, they look fine from the outside but usually have lousy visibility and tight headroom.

    If the car is too low, it's hard to enter and exit. I'd prefer a taller car with larger windows and better visibility. Yes, I set my side mirrors to show adjacent lanes instead of my own car's door handles, but cars you can't see out of annoy me.

  13. Go Hyundai and Kia you guys are so sleek in designs these days. Sure the greenhouse has that Audi A4, Ford 500, 2005 Toyota Avalon like greenhouse too. But ha everyone else is copying too.

  14. It's very obvious the Hyundai/Kia street team is crawling all over Vince's site again. The comments posted on this site about the different Korean models don't reflect the rest of car cyberspace. Strange, don't you think? I bet if you posted a picture of a clown on a unicycle and said it's the new Hyundai Unilantra, the comments would be "The Accord doesn't have a chance" or "Amazing, the Koreans have surpassed the Camry!" or "The clown is standard, a better and cheaper LS for $5!" Riiiight!

  15. Right on. and to the guy that said it looks like it was designed by retarded twits.

    What about the Honda hatch or the Toyota Pardo or the new Toyota 4 runner. You didn't say those were designed by retarded twits why? Becuase they're Toyota and Honda.

    I'm another Hyundai/Kia fan by the way.

  16. I'm another Hyundai/Kia fan by the way.

    September 6, 2009 4:00 PM

    My condolences to you by the way.

  17. Wow. This and the Honda Crosstour posted the same day. The automotive industry is really at a sad point in history.

  18. This thing looks absolutely stupid. How can a human mind see this as stylish without a big gob of heroin cruising thru it?

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