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These are the Buick versions of the new Opel Astra for the Chinese market only.

The Astra might eventually also be offered as a sedan in Europe as well. Which might be the only version the US will get.

Buick has said earlier they would offer 2 more “smaller than Lacrosse” sedan models in the US.
The 1st one being the Insignia based Regal, the second one being this new Astra based model.

The Astra is a pretty small car, about the size of a Mazda3. Offering such a car as a Buick in the US seems like a big gamble to me.
I can’t really see people interested in a Mazda3 or Honda Civic walking into a Buick showroom.

We’ll see…

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  1. Other than certain european built Buick/Opels, no subcompact Buick has sold well or been an above average car. US market Buick subcompacts were sold in 70's and 80's, ending with the 1988 Buick Skyhawk.
    22 years ago!
    Even if this car is super refined enough to fit in at Lexus, Buick still has a big problem to overcome. Subcompacts are most often purchased because they are inexpensive (Chevrolet/Hyundai), Specialty cars(Mini/Scion) or aspirational brands (BMW/Audi).
    Currenty Buick doesen't fit any of these groups.

  2. The Astra is a great car! If they offer the Euro spec list of options people would surely see their local Buick dealer. I suspect the price will be more A3-like than Mazda3.

    The LaCrosse is already a re-badged Insignia…why two cars on the same platform?

  3. Buick would need to do something unique or something that could carry the green flag for this concept to work. slide in a small electric motor so it could be called a hybrid or something, so that 'premium small car' really makes sense. it just can't be another 25-30mpg car. the field is too crowded with that middle ground right now. if Buick could find a way to offer 40+ mpg in daily use, with a lux-filled, good looking subcompact, they might have a chance.

  4. GM should have ditched the Buick brand and import the Opel brand to sell the cars available in Europe. Then work on getting us a Diesel engine here for great fuel economy. The US needs to get ready for $6-$8 per gallon fuel.

  5. Compared to the upcoming Focus and VW GTI, these look really boring. It'll be interesting to see how these slot into Buick's marketing strategy. If they have a strategy, that is.

  6. If they would sell a 5 door version,perhaps.

    Buick did sell The Skylark, until 11-12 years ago, iirc.
    It was around for 22-23 years, or so(the last time they sold it).

    I still see a few around town, at times.

    Too bad they couldn't give us the Astra coupe/hatch..reworked as a Buick.

  7. Do any of you five-year-olds actually stop to think out your comments before you randomly mash keys? Apparently, numerous children have been left behind. This vehicle is just what Buick needs in its quest for profitability.

  8. Speak for yourself, Vince. I would be interested in a well executed Buick compact product. A rebadged Astra line for Buick's U.S. lineup would be just the ticket.

  9. This car should be a step above the civic, corolla, cruze, focus. I will reserve further judgement on it until I see official photos and read a driving impression.

  10. Yeah, this is a joke right? Who thought this was a good idea?

    I'd rather have a Civic Si 50x over this vehicle.

    "Anonymous said…
    Speak for yourself, Vince. I would be interested in a well executed Buick compact product. A rebadged Astra line for Buick's U.S. lineup would be just the ticket.

    September 7, 2009 7:44 AM"

    Just the ticket for you, and no one else.

    Badge engineering is dead for everyone but GM. A tarted up Cruze isn't going to fool anyone but you.

  11. "Anonymous said…
    This would have made a great Pontiac…HeHe.

    September 8, 2009 6:23 AM"

    A great Pontiac is an oxymoron, unless you are talking about the H8 which isn't really a true Pontiac.

    There is a reason why the brand is dead.

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