Nissan Mid-engine sports car?

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Back in the mid 80’s Toyota made news by offering a mid engine sports car, that people could actually afford.
And the MR2 became a hit.
So much so, than Nissan thought about coming up with one of their own.
This is one of the designs they were thinking about.

Over the years, there has been many rumors about a new small Nissan RWD sports car. maybe to compete with the Miata. More recently, there were thoughts of a new small RWD coupe.
Nothing ever happened.

I just wonder if it ever will…

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  1. Considering their track record with these sort of things… Altima convertible rumored, and then they're putting out a *Murano* convertible. I don't think they're going to do it.

  2. That Fiero clone looks like something that eventually became the Pulsar.

    What ever happened to cheap little quirky fun cars? Scion is the only residue of the segment left. I guess we'll get it back-ish with the CR-Z, the upcoming Prius coupe, and the Subaru/Toyota venture.

    Everything regressed towards the mean over the past 30 years. Mid-Size Sedans are where it's at now (formally including SUVs)….the safest choice always wins I guess.

  3. Craig, of course they are not going to do it. wake up!, it was a design study waaaaaaaaay back. every company does this.

  4. Probably the next affordable mid-engine RWD will come from Hyundai or KIA. Besides developing a completely new convertible, Hyundai could adopt the mid-engine engineering concept.

    Those are the only two things still missing from Hyundai's line of vehicles, after they have tried everything with relative good success. Even the inroads into the Luxury market is being successful.

    Probably the could acquire Proto Motors from Korea and sell here the Spirra, once they can figure how to reduce the price.

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