Obnoxious new Sonata commercials

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I guess the tricks to make the Korean public believe there is, somehow, a European heritage to the new Sonata.
For a Korean car that was designed in California…

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  1. There is not such trick. What they may be trying to do is make good use of the "sonata" concept/name. Nobody is so foul to ever consider this to have European heritage. For people that don't know what a "Sonata" is, always there is Wikipedia.

    What probably they are trying to say is that like a "sonata", it is inpired in classical concepts, which are associated with European culture.

    Then, probably th idea is to make people believe it is more "classical"/European inspired than having direct European heritage.

    By the way, in Europe, plenty of brands are not necessarily premium or luxurious. If you look at some European brands like Peugeot, FIAT. Renault, Citroen, Seat, Dacia, Olcit, Skoda, they don't carry the association of luxury… and they have plenty of European heritage.

    I would buy a Hyundai ten times over any of these European brands. I got already plenty of Renaults and Fiats in my previous life…

  2. Did Hyundai announce the death of the Azera yet? Btw, I've been reading that the new large Kia Sedan will be Genesis based instead of Azera (stretched Sonata) based?

  3. Nest thing you know Hyundai will make a Porsche 911 beater at the ring like Nissan did with the GT-R. The Euro car industry should stand up and take note and rethink pricing strategies.

  4. I didn't see the tie to a european heritage. I just thought they were implying that the new Sonata is artistically expressive and perhaps refined.

    Then again, european makes seem to often imply in their commercials that their cars are built to a high quality standard, when statiscally (and also in my experience with MB, BMW, and VW/Audi) that just isn't so, so false advertising abounds everywhere.

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