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Toyota will sell a version of the new Lexus HS.
Not really sure why, unless they just want to offer as many Hybrid models as possible.
A weird way to dilute the Lexus brand, so it won’t be offered over here.

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  1. It would be very strange behavior if Toyota did sell this in their home market. Their Japanese Lexus website already shows the HS as part of their lineup there already.

    Maybe it will be only sold in markets where the Lexus brand isn't available. Just look at the GX. Where Lexus GX is not available for sale it's Toyota badged cousin, the Land Cruiser Prado, is.


  2. Toyota does that for virtually all models (Toyota versions of Lexus vehicles). Usually not in the same market though like Detroit.

    Lexus is still not an established brand in Asia and not all models are sold there so for the moment Toyota still sells re-branded Lexus versions there

  3. And so it goes. Toyota can offer us stupid Americans an econo-car, slap a lexus badge on it and we'll eat it up! Let Cadillac or Lincoln do it and everybody will scream how cheap the domestics are. Amazing! I'm sure the Japanese are amazed at how stupid this country has become!

  4. The headlights face reminds me of the Saturn Aura. LIke how people say the Forte looks like a Civic.

  5. Saturn, Saturn, Saturn Saturn!! But hey the Aura's headlights looks like an Avalon and the Toyota IQ looks like a Smart. And Smart's tail lights looks like the HHR's.

  6. They better make this look like a Corolla, becuase I was just about to get up in this to what it looks like other than Saturn.

  7. It does seem like an odd idea considering the HS is based on the Avensis.

    Why don't they just offer a hybrid version of the Avensis instead?

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