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The top car seems to be the new “smaller than CTS” Cadillac ATS.
The bottom one looks like the new small Buick crossover coming out in a bout a year.
But what is the silver car in the 2 middle pictures???

See for yourself . Watch the video.

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  1. Hey Vince, I'm glad you posted this….I asked my cousin about this commercial who works in the GM design studio and he gave me some insight. The blue car at the top is the Cadilac ATS, the silver clay model is reworked version of the Cadillac Converj concept (Cadillac's Chevrolet Volt model) the concept appeared as a coupe and has now been stretch to become a sedan which explains aerodynamic rake of the windshield. The bottom pic is a clay model of the next Buick Enclave.

  2. it looks like it might be a mid- to large-sized Chevy…the new Malibu or Impala? it's pretty obviously fwd with that dash-to-axle proportion.

  3. i believe that the two silver cars are the new cadillac converj production cars. but all these look really promising and great. hopefully gm continues with this progression towards great products.

  4. There was debate at GMI about the silver car whether it's the Converj or XTS. General thought is that it's a production version of the Converj, although it's unclear if it's a true 4 door or coupe with rear suicide doors like the RX-8. And @The AutoEnthusiast, the bottom pic is actually the baby Enclave based on the Delta platform.

  5. My guesses were ATS, XTS, and Small Buick CUV, but the Silver car's shape would seem more like what will become the production/pre-production Converj.

    The Buick CUV will be on the delta platform? Makes sense I guess as a Buick version of the Orlando.

  6. I think ATS looks better from a marketing standpoint.

    ATS = Ats. "I'm rolling in the Escalade. Where you ats?" Sorry, couldn't resist.

    BTS = Bits. Sounds like bitch.

    A is the first letter of the alphabet. A-words: A for Active. Attractive. Athletic. Automobile.

    A-qualities. ATS. They'll want to make it look like a mini CTS, but downsized the styling might skew more previous-gen Ford Fusion or even an older european model.

    They'd better price it right. Take no prisoners. Give them rebates instead.

  7. The top photo is the ATS sedan. The silver model is the ATS coupe. The bottom photo is the Gamma-based Buick CUV. The Converj was the car shown in the hallway at the beginning of the video. The next-gen Colorado rolls by on a cart in the hallway. The front clip from the new Aveo rolls by on a stand. The GMC xB-competitor is next to the ATS coupe. The XTS is a drawing on the board near the end.

  8. Why on earth if GM is trying to convince people they are a new company with a new direction, would they choose to use an old geezer in a suit to promote their cars? I have a feeling a lot of the cars will get returned since it can be an impulse buy and the program won't last long. More dumbness.

  9. listen, it's all the same GM game. Smoke and Mirrors. This old guy, as per usual is out of touch ( old GM Guard/ old school). He says they have the best very boldly, with no actual quality facts to back him up????….as usual. Bully tactics. I'm certain no one will buy cars from a bankrupt company with an aweful reputation. Money back indeed!

  10. I just don't care. GM is so irrelevant in my book. I just don't care at all. They've so botched everything for so many years. Let them die.

  11. Its all about overhyping their up coming models which leads to a major anti-climax when they are finally released.
    Does anyone remember the Chevy Volt??

  12. forget about the fake clay models without engines in the background, the old dude in the foreground making nooo sense whatsoever is what you should focus on. That's the true joke that is GM, epitomized in that guy. Whew, what a disastro!

  13. hey granpa munster, you would need to get my money in the first place to give it back right? ok thought so.

  14. This Dud, look it up, gets 4.44 Million in Salary and here is the word "BONUSES". It's 100% true, look it up. Ya , I want to buy a car from a company that is Bankrupt, still throwing out huge money at these losers in bankrupt times, and blah blah blah…..

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