VW E-Up! Concept

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Basically another version of the Up! Concept they’ve been showing around for a couple of years.
It seats 4, has an 80 miles range and a top speed of about 85mph.

It could be fine for a city car. Or a second car. If it’s cheap enough.
VW claims this will be on sale in 2013.That’s a long time.
It looks fine now, but 4 years from now?

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  1. $2.00 to go 60 miles with a $20K battery and have to wait 3 hours to charge every 80 miles…I just am not stupid/hollywood enough I guess.

  2. nissan wins here. ya the nissan leaf. they will lead the world in zero emmissions. real cars , real soon.

  3. "I'd like airvents with mine." Do you honestly think this is the production interior?

    If they can bring this in under the price of the Leaf, I'd get one. It certainly looks better than the leaf (despite being much smaller).

  4. Not a bad design. But when you buy one and have to deal with Volkswagen Customer Service, you'll find out the full name for this car is the "UP-YOURS".

  5. I love this car. The exterior design is very appealing and the dash is simple and uncluttered and set back far enough to offer a feeling of more space. Also like the classic steering wheel. Looks better than a Smart or IQ. They do not need to make any changes for this to be a hit and that is what VW needs now, so hopefully they will fastrack this to production.

  6. Nissfan Boy said…
    "I take that and will respect others who are dis – respectful"

    September 15, 2009 7:42 AM

    Now thats a good boy.

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