2010 Chevrolet Agile

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Remember that pretty cool illustration/teaser we saw a while back?
Then a first picture…

This is not for the US, and looks to be based on the previous generation Opel Corsa.

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  1. Is there so much clearance in the wheel wells so that it can hold twenty Nigerians on the roof while going down a dirt road towards the river to do laundry? Couldn't they at least paint the interior of the wheel wells to make it look better? Or is Chevy so broke that they can't afford the extra $.05 to do that? I'm glad that this isn't coming stateside.

  2. Looks better than the Chevy Aveo thing, but I agree with the poster above who dislikes that Chrysler Sebring-styled phony window in black plastic or paint.

    That wretched Sebring styling cue ruined the new Mazda 6, too. Replacing quarter windows with paint looks so cheap–a styling gimmick that should never have been used. It's a deal-killer for me.

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