2010 Opel Meriva

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The new version of this tiny minivan is almost ready to come out.
Not here of course.
This could have made a cool small Saturn. But now that it is Buick’s job to sell Opels in the US, I really don’t think we’ll ever see this over here.
The new Astra is as small as a Buick should get. Even that might be too small for the “Premium” brand Buick wants to become.

Unless GM finds a way to build this in Mexico and gring it over here as a Chevrolet…

Who knows…

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  1. No. looks like an Aveo with sliding doors. Americans don't want small minivans. Looks at the demise of the Mazda MPV and the Mazda5 is not doing well.

    People hauling minded people wants 'normal size vans like the TC, Ody and Sienna. The length should be about 210 inches.

  2. Oh shit. It seems pedestrian protection regulations made the front bulkier and uglier than that of the concept. It has distorted the proportions a bit.

  3. It looks like a Honda Fit. I see they put the Toyota Rav 4's back piallrs on there as well. It's ugly.

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