2010 VW Fox

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For the new year, the “smaller than Polo and not for the US” VW gets a new front end and a revised interior.
Nothing drastic, but it keeps it in line with the new Golf front end.
Soon, I guess all VW models, except the new Beetle, will get a similar treatment…

This is how the Fox looks now…

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  1. An ugly re-grille and an interior that's completely free of personality.

    Is VW trying to become the next GM?
    Here's the deal:
    GM went bankrupt.
    Toyota tried the same thing and lost even more money (although they had a bunch buried in the yard).

    What makes VW believe that they can win at the "de-content" game? Do they really have a fresh new take on "make cars nobody with a pulse wants to buy?"

    Mark my words, VW will regret the day they let the MBAs overrule the engineers.

  2. VW's new horizontal front graphic is much more suited to it's cars than the faux 'shield' shapes they've used for a while. i like it. but the car doesn't seem to have the clean lines of the company's tiny cars of the past, say the original Audi 50 of the '70s.

  3. The new front end looks more like the Polo and better than the old model.

    I hope the new one gets some better interior materials, the old one was even in EU spec more a thirld world Volkswagen.

    The new dashboard looks much better, the small tachometer is gone. The gear shifter is unique to the Fox, there seems to be an optional DSG transmission or automated gearbox.

    The instrument cluster and steering wheel seem to be unlogical to me. While all Polo versions gets a cheap digital fuel gauge and no termometer for the cooling fluid there are two analog gauges on the picture. And the steering wheel has buttons on both sides while the more expensive Polo offers only a lesser steering wheel with buttons on the left side.

  4. i think the interior is fine. it's tasteful and adult. i don't like over-the-top interiors with personality like the new Mini say. there isn't a bad line in the VW interior, and that alone is a personality enough for me in a car. different strokes!

  5. good move VW, they should sell well like that small suv thing….NOT! That doesn't sell and this should only sell about 12 per annum….in all of North America.

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