2011 Buick Regal

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1st official picture from GM of our US version.
Which is similar to the Chinese version, but there are some differences.

Look for them, the red car is the one currently sold in China.

Now the “Regal” name is official for the US too…

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  1. Okay.

    I've never really cared for the front clip of the Insignia/Chinese Regal, and this teaser picture makes me a bit more apprehensive about what Buick has done to Americanize it. I hope it's not as ugly as I think it's going to be…

  2. I love these games! Ok…
    1. Different grill
    2. Shape and style of the foglights
    3. Shape and style of the vent below the grill
    4. The sidemarkers are different
    5. Are the wheels darker on the grey model?
    6. Are the headlights different? The grey one has LED corners, but the shot is taken at night. Might be the same.

  3. We get a much nicer headlight cluster and better looking foglamps and surrounds and thankfully a thinner intake, but then Buick USA went soft on the grill. Also looks like we'll have more definition in the hood, which is good, and then fender chrome crap goes. Hope they drop the portholes on the hood – I like that.

  4. I like it…I guess they wanted to change it to make it mroe in line with the LaCrosse's look (which I think wasn't necesary at all….). Just you wait, they will probably use the US front end in the Chinese market as a refresh. I don't think the headlights are different besides the reflector to make it US legal. Legal Regal…haha….but of all the names for Buick to ressurect…

  5. Something I JUST noticed….the US Regal actually got the Insignia's front end (identical air dam and fog lights)…minus the Buick grile (which is why the grile is larger than the chinese regal's).

    So this is closer to what the next Aura was supposed to be anyway. I think they model the LaCrosse's fog light area off the insignia…thus completing the US Buick sedan "family" design.

  6. Why do I see the GM square on the US Regal? I thought they were doing away with it….not yet I suppose?

  7. From what I can tell, the differences are very subtle. I have always liked the Regal that's offered in China, so I am thinking that this will be a success in the U.S. What's interesting is the the "U.S." version has a euro style license filler plate on the front bumper that's similar to what you'd see on an Audi. And the headlamp washers and Euro style side marker to the rear of the front wheel. If that's the domestic version, then they're sure trying to include the subtle styling nuances of European brands.

  8. beautiful looking car. alot of you morons have so much to say, but most of it is psyco babble. This is a beautiful car with a good platform . it will work.

  9. The turn indicators were on the side mirrors for the Euro/China version… and it looks like they've downgraded it to the side (replacing he chrome) on the US version.

    I personally prefer the original.

  10. Yeah…The line on the doors makes it look immature…Just like the line going down the side of the LaCrosse.

  11. The red one is a bit stale; with generic fog lights & all. Blue one is a logical refinement & upgrade.

  12. I'd rather have an Azera or Genesis depending on price, honestly.

    I still don't trust GM and won't for years to come.

  13. I've been looking at some pics and the Buick front end will be the same as the Opel front, except, instead of the horizontal stuff on the Opel, it'll be the vertical waterfall style. The bottom coners of the Opel and American Buick look the same to me (the actual shape of the grill). I think it'll look pretty good. GM also said there's going to be a sport version kinda similar to the OPC in Europe. I can't wait to see them.

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