2011 Buick Regal testing

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GM just released these pictures of the upcoming Buick Regal testing in Germany.
Hard to tell it’s a Buick and not the Opel Insignia.
Boy, these guys sure love starting the buzz early. Again, showing us pictures of the prototypes a while before the car is out.

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  1. What are they testing the grille ? and they felt the need to disquise the whole car even though we already saw the american version of this car, lol

  2. I'm glad to see GM finally investing in Buick. I wish I could say the same for Cadillac. That brand keeps limping along, chasing its own tail. Even Hyundai has started challenging them. Sad…Sad…Sad.

  3. I'm in agreement with 9:41. Aside from the (amazing) CTS models, Cadillac doesn't have any must-haves. The STS is a lame duck. The DTS is a rolling coffin. The SRX conspicuously shows it's Chevy bones, and is simply not good enough. The Escalade is competitive but, as all SUVs this size, is not in demand. For awhile it seemed that Cadillac was on a roll. But they've lost their mojo too soon. Hopefully they will gain it back with the CTS coupe and wagon. A STS and DTS flagship is absolutely critical right about now. It wouldn't be difficult to blow away the Lexus LS, or even the Mercedes S-class with a new flagship. Cadillac needs to aim higher than that this time.

  4. I wish I shared the previous posts optimism. When they finally roll out the ATS and move the CTS upmarket, people will be really confused. Some will wonder why the CTS became so expensive and others will balk at comparing it with an E or 5 series. The XTS will be DOA if it comes with fwd (even with an optional awd). Some will say that fwd v.s. rwd doesn't matter these days. When you're shopping in the $60,000 and above category…it does matter. The sales people at the other places will have a field day picking it apart. The problem with GM is they always benchmark the current models while the other companies are already a generation ahead. How did this happen?

  5. Note to GM….We already know what the car looks like. I agree with 10/27 9:11am, whats with the camo? All this for a new grill? And they have to test it in Germany? That must be some new grill. Unless they are testing the OPC version for Buick with the HF DI V6…..no, that can't be it….that would make sense…oh, there I go thinking again. When will I ever learn?

  6. People who buy buicks are near death…Why are they testing in Germany? They need to test at shady tree rest home.

  7. I have to say these comments are a bit tough and I don't think acknowledge where the Buick brand has been going. It's hard to argue the Enclave and the new Lacrosse are not beautiful vehicles just as it is hard to find a poor review of either. And both so far are drawing non-buick, buyers whose average age is close to 15 years younger than previous buick buyers. If the new Regal will truly be based on the lovely opel insignia then I say look for these trends to continue. Agree the Buick has a long way to go but c'mon…be fair and give them a little credit for moving in the right direction.

  8. Why is Buick trying to play both the luxury roll and sporty roll when GM had the Pontiac brand to play the sporty roll?

  9. Well, unfortunately, Anon 7:56*, GM decided to euthanize Pontiac, even though they already had a stronger, more profitable luxury brand with Cadillac. Surely Pontiac really only having a name in North America had a lot to do with that. So now you have Buick getting products and attention Pontiac could have received for years and years. But hey, as I've said before, Buick has built performance cars before, why can't they do so now? And as proven by BMW (dare I bring that name up), Acura and Audi, sportiness and luxury can occupy the same space…

  10. The new LaCrosse is stupid looking so this can only be better as long as they dont put that stupid "whimpspere" line down the side…Who (who is not near death) would think that is stylish?

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