2011 Lexus GS?

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Even though this is an illustration, a new GS is on the way.
With a new E Class and Inifiniti M out, Lexus will need the GS to compete in the segment.
Engines will probably be similar to the current version.

A more sporty “F” version should be offered for the 1st time, competing with the M4 and AMG models form Germany.

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  1. Like the MB E-class front with 1985 Chrysler LeBaron GTS grill. Fake black panel on the rear door looks cheap, though.

  2. Ironic that it is looking closer to the hated ES. Very nice, but not "modern" enough like the Europeans.

  3. I see very little execution of the L-finesse design language in this illustration, so this is the handy work of some mentally challenged fanboi. I can't see the midsize segment's target customer purchasing or even being seen in this design atrocity.

  4. I have an '07 GS with the lease soon to expire and won't be getting another Lexus. The Lexus is a Buick; adding $25,000 for snob appeal. Drives like a dream and a great engine (like a Buick Regal circa 2003) but too conservative.

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