2011 Mercedes A class

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It could be. And probable will look pretty close to this illustration.
The next A and B class models will make it to the US.
So we’ll see. A sedan version is also rumored, competing with the next generation sedan models of the Audi A3 and BMW 1 series.

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  1. Alot better looking than the current B class cars. It might do well here especially considering the CAFE ratings.

  2. i don't know where you get your chops from, but there is no way that is the new A or B class. that illustration appears to be a compact sedan. the A and B are both much smaller than that, and i'm sure won't give up their hatches, even for the USA if they ever make it here.

  3. A Class, ATS, 1 Series, 0 Series…. it will be interesting having FWD BMWs and Mercs. At least the Caddy and 1 series are RWD.

    I think this A-class looks to much like the C.

  4. I hate these little dinky $40k cars. This pic looks the best of all these cars but still, whats the point…for another $5k you could have a real car that you can fit in.

  5. This cannot possibly be an A Class. It's way too big. It could be a B-Class, though. IMHO, the current B-Class is extremely ugly, and lower an sportier proportions like these would certainly help, bringing it closer to BMW's Series 1

  6. Looks better than the E class to me! Wonder if it has the same interior lines from the 70's as the E?

  7. so the kraustkrauts couldnt take over in the 40s so they thye are dsselling craps over here h now

  8. Nice. i like the c300 sport grill and the LED DRLs. Maybe now I can finally afford a new Mercedes 🙂

  9. The C-hatch they had about five years ago was a disaster. Let's hope MB learned something since then about packaging expectations of buyers in this segment.

  10. I'll echo the poster above. I, too, think this is far better looking than the bulbous and squashed 1 Series and better than the ridiculous Golf A3 or hideous A2.

    Bring this to America, I would consider buying one.

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