2011 Nissan Micra

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The new generation Micra will be sold in the US.
It will have a 3 cylinder engine and cost less than the Versa.
Hatchback and sedan versions will be available.

That’s pretty amazing and weird news to me.
A 3 cylinder Nissan in the US. Cheaper than the $11 000 Versa?

I really like the current version of the car. But, at least from the renderings, the next one doesn’t seem as original.
But still looking a million times better than the horrific Versa.

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  1. Anonymous said…
    It will have the new 4 cylinder Sky-Drive engine.

    October 21, 2009 9:39 AM

    But Vince said 3 cyl.

  2. Vince, ANYTHING is better than the Versa.

    It is by far the worst vehicle in its segment. Wait a minute, that goes for the Sentra as well. Nissan just can't build a decent small car, or any car for that matter aside from the 370Z and GT-R.

  3. "V platform" manager Vincent Cobee said that the Nissan's engineers spent four years to find ways to reduce production costs and weight out of a small car.

    According to the company, the new platform will see a 50 percent improvement in fuel economy (we know, it sounds a bit too optimistic) over the current Micra while the firm's engineers have reduced the total number of parts in the car by 18 percent. For example, while the current Micra's cockpit has 56 parts, the new model will have 27.

    According to Autonews that attended the press event at the Nissan's headquarters today, the U.S. market will play a significant role in the firm's plan to sell a million vehicles a year from all the derivatives of the newly created "V platform".

  4. Ok design…but won't this be smaller than a Scion xD, or the upcoming Ford Fiesta?

    Nissan should have just updated the mechanicals/emissions, etc.. on that "Sunny Neo" that you had posted awhile back… and sell that here.
    It's about the size of the 1990's Sentra( early 1990's), and slightly smaller than the Versa(either version).

    That, with a hatch… I would buy.

    This? Who knows.

  5. Styling-wise, it's definitely a step backwards. But I have heard several people say that they preferred the (extremely boring) looks of the previous Micra to the current one, so it seems that you just can't sell originality to people. Ford, for example, has replaced the uniquely-styled Ka with a straightforward downscaled version of the Fiesta.

  6. still looking a million times better than the horrific Versa. -HARDLY!

    There aren't a million degress of difference across the entire microcar segment. They go from stupid-ugly to utterly repulsive. I'll admit that this is up there at the lofty "stupid-ugly" area of this smaller-than-a-real-car segment of wheeled vehicles.

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