2011 Nissan Micra

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These are just illustration, but they perfectly match the official sketches we’ve seen from Nissan in the past few weeks.
The new Micra should be powered by a 3 cylinder engine with a CVT.
Which doesn’t sound too exciting of a drive.
But at least it should get great mileage.

Plus, even thought it isn’t as original as the current version, it is miles ahead of the horrendous Versa…

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  1. I rented a Nissan Altima w/ CVT last year. It was terrible, felt like a stick shift w/ a slipping clutch. I returned it in a half hour for a Camry.

    Do other people experience that feeling w/ Nissan CVTs?

  2. cvt are having some issues. Compared to the number of CVT's out there the current calculated failure rate is 12%.(MVDA Engineers assoc.) Reg. , heavy, non efficient conventional trannys fail rate is at 22%, Duh? yes , the CVT is still most reliable. Smoke that you uneducated morons!

  3. I stand behind Nissan and their glorious CVT 110%. There is no better, smoother, lighter, fuel efficient, smaller unit out there. Nissan Rocks. P.S. I rent them "all" the time and will not rent the old man looking Camry ever!

  4. Looks ok.

    I would rather have a coupe/hatchback, though.

    Iirc, about 1988-89, Nissan did have a Sentra coupe/hatchback.
    Looked alright. We wanted one..but they quit selling them by the time we got our 1990 xe Sentra.
    Hatchbacks(even "3 doors") usually offer more usable hauling room than any sedan/trunk.

    Time for another version for 2011-2012, (coupe/hatch)perhaps, even if with this Micra.

  5. as long as i can buy one in this fantastic radioactive orange colour, sign me up. lived in ireland and drove the first generation for five years, then drove the second generation for another five while living in japan. these are fantastic vehicles. not so sure if they'll be right for the superslabs of texas but in nyc i see plenty of yarises and fits around so this would work well for urban americans

    does anybody know about the weird u-shaped plastic bit that nissan will stick on the roof to reduce noise and such? or is that just a rumour?

    to 10:45 AM: why didn't you go for the f250

  6. October 29, 2009 8:58 AM
    October 29, 2009 9:02 AM
    October 29, 2009 9:04 AM

    All the same person with the SAME BS story that they always feed when there is a Nissan product in the blog.

    22% failure rate is a bogus number, you don't even need to have common sense to know that is far from correct. Google MVDA Engineers Association and nothing comes up, not a SINGLE thing.

    Stupid story from a stupid person who thinks we would be dumb enough to believe him.

  7. Yes i will buy a fleet of these for my floral delivery company. Not the fiat 500. Nissan Rocks, bullshit walks!

  8. "MVDA Engineering Assoc. said…

    Yes i will buy a fleet of these for my floral delivery company. Not the fiat 500. Nissan Rocks, bullshit walks!

    October 30, 2009 8:22 AM"

    THIIISSS guy again????

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