2011 Opel Astra Coupe

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Just like the current model, the new Astra will eventually be offered as a coupe as well as a wagon version.
We should be getting a sedan version in the US within a couple of years. Similar to the redesign Buck Excelle in China.
Maybe we’ll get this coupe as well, who knows…

That would be one nice looking sporty little Buick…

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  1. Well, that answered my question about the Cruze coupe. Here I was, worried about the Chevy's Cobalt Coupe replacement and all.

  2. A few things, before I might consider this car:

    1)Make it a hatchback( coupe/hatchback).

    2) Give it some decent HP, like the Scion tC, not like the Astra hatch/coupe we have/had…what was it…138 HP(vs 160 for the tC? 1.8 L vs 2.4 L, and same MPG for both cars? And the Astra cost more, too, iirc.).

    3)Some good options…like a sunroof(iirc, the Saturn Astra had no sunroof option, for example).

    4) If it is made in China… the price should(sort of..hopefully) reflect this when /if it arrives in USA.

    It does look good. Better than the current Astra coupe.

    I do hope that this arrives in the USA, if it is a lot better than the current Astra coupe/hacthback.

  3. I just posted a minute ago about"hope this is a hatchback/coupe"… then I re-read Vince's comments … and it appears that I missed his comments stating that the Astra will "have a wagon, and coupe, Like The Current Model"(something like this)… Sorry.

    I will consider this, if it is sold in USA….

  4. Why sell it as a Saturn for $20k when you can sell the exact same thing as a Buick for $30k? I see GM is FINALLY learning those lucrative Toyota marketing techniques!

  5. The old Opel Astra was offered with a 2,0L turbo with 240Hp here in Europe, so the engine at least exists for this model, but you guys never seem to get all the models we get here.

    That really sucks!

    Maybe Ford could bring the Mondeo and our Focus over to you guys as Lincolns?

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