2011 Toyota Rav-4

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Maybe, who knows.

One thing seems to be sure, the new Rav won’t be very exciting, judging from Toyota;s latest designs.
They are getting more and more conservative.
So I’m not hoping for much…

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  1. Looks nice enough for the market segment, but what's with newer cars and their gigantic rear blind spots? Enough already.

  2. Except for the swing-out door, the current RAV is a great little SUV. That's the one thing I hope they change for the next gen.

  3. I think that's a HUGE improvement over the current RAV-4 which I think is among the ugliest compact SUVs out there.

    The current RAV's "C" pillar doesn't look good to me, and the 2011 might have a bit better rear visibility in addition to a less goofy style. Good vehicle in any case.

  4. Agree Vince. I would expect much from Toyota in terms of cutting edge design. The picture above is not much to go on but I would dare say it is better than the current design and better than I would have expected.

  5. That's nothing more than a chop using a montage of Toyota design cues: Prius headlights, Matrix rear window, maybe a little Scion and current RAV-4.

  6. This is NOT the next RAV4. It is a rendering based on the Toyota Urban Cruiser. Actually, I'd like to see the Urban Cruiser come over as a Scion since it's based on the xD. It would give the Scion lineup a unique product that has only the Suzuki SX4 as a competitor.

  7. I love how Toyota is the first to copy everyone elses design cues. Now they have copied the Nisson Z with the boomeranged lights on the Prius and this Rav 4.

  8. Toyota's success might be its undoing. Like GM their going to be afraid to do anything drastic and before they know it someone else will be eating their lunch.

  9. That headlamp design seems to be reminiscent of the last generation Lexus RX, not some 'Nisson' Z sportscar.

  10. Vince,

    This isn't legitimate. I remember seeing this exact same picture a year ago. It isn't the new RAV4.

  11. Toyota Rav4 is not affordable anymore, TOYOTA should re-focus in be more cheaper in that segment, but without cutting advantages.

    The new TMC president said: It's time to Change…

    We the customers need a real sports sedan in the new avalon 2011, also an affordable RWD Celica, a real new Corolla, and continue the lines of the Camry.

    Sequoia and Tundra should be axed, don't spend money in that segment, is not profittable any more.

    any questions ?
    Toyota dealer principal

  12. Toyota dealer principal: it's already been announced several times that there will be no next-gen Avalon since the Camry will be getting bigger and will squeeze it out of the market.

  13. i bet this is not the next generation RAV4

    my bet this is the next gereration toyota rush (daihatsu terios) not the rav4

  14. Well the one thing that I care about is they should not get rid of how they put the spare tire on the back door. I do not like the SUV's which has the spare tire under the body of the SUV.
    If the spare tire is on the back door it gives a killer look to it.

    Toyota please bring the LandCruiser, 4Runner and Rav4 in Diesel.

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