2011 Toyota Yaris Hybrid

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The next generation Yaris will get a hybrid version.

It will be the cheapest Hybrid car sold by Toyota and will compete directly with the upcoming Honda Fit Hybrid.
But my guess is that it’ll probably be cheaper than the Fit Hybrid. (The Yaris being cheaper than the Fit to begin with…)
Europe will also get the Auris Hybrid. Which will be priced between the Yaris and the Prius.
The Auris is the Euro Hatch version of the Corolla, but no Corolla Hybrid is planned for the US.

Seems like Toyota is betting on Hybrid instead of Diesel.
Probably a good move for the US, but Europe is still mostly a diesel market…

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  1. I am a Toyota fan but from what I remember, the Yaris crash ratings were far below the Fit. Based on that and the smaller interior, I don't think it will be serious competition for the Fit Hybrid. The Auris would have been a better choice.

  2. I rather think it will be a '12 model since it was reported late 2011 for Japan. Also I've seen quite a different concept photo of a sedan which seems more likely for US. Also this looks very much like an existing Euro hatchback.

    The Fit Hybrid will only be sold in Japan end of next year. The Auris comes next year to Europe. So not clear yet what US will get. Probably the CT400h.

  3. Yes, it looks like a Fit v3.0 . Vince, based upon the mileage of a gasoline hybrid vs existing diesel, is there any CO2 advantage for either approach for a car of similar size/power?

  4. I think Vince forgot to mention that this is just an illustration. It looks like the body was photochopped from a Mitsubishi i-Car.

  5. I don't like toyota in any way. they build ugly cars, they are sub-standard, and they have been known to allegedly hide recall information. No Thanks.

  6. HuH! Maybe cars back in 1907 produced mostly CO. Cars today produce CO2 and Water (You need to study a bit of chemistry before you comment…Seriously). As we all know, CO2 and water is plant food.

  7. As we all know??? LOL! MOST people don't know that! They will continue to call Hybrids "Green" until the day they die. LOL!

  8. Look at Toyota's UK website: https://www.toyota.co.uk/

    I'm not saying I'm in love with their markets lineup, but the small cars are FAR superior to what they offer in the US; I don't understand why EVERY company refuses to give the US high quality city/small vehicles, as offered in Europe.

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