2012 Ford Focus

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Just an illustration. But probably close to what it’ll end up looking like.
Pretty much a big Fiesta.
Which is fine.
I have seen a couple of Fiestas around Hollywood, and they look amazing.
Especially next to most of the boring looking competition offered in the US.

This new Focus will become the Cruze’s nightmare when it comes out. And it will come out just about a year later, or even less.
And Ford is already talking about new Ecoboost engines with plenty of power. I hear about 180hp from a 1.6 Liter engine.

If they can match GM’s claim of 40MPG for the US Cruze, they will have a winner.

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  1. The Focus looks much better than the Cruze in exterior styling. If they are similar in size, GM should be very afraid for going the conservative route and the Cruze will be relegated to rent-a-car lots.

  2. Very nice! Message to Ford: don't f*%#k it up. Don't put the schick razor grille on it and don't paint the dash and console silver.
    In other words, don't dumb it down for Americans.

  3. I'd take a new Focus over a Cruze any day of the week, wouldn't even think twice.

    The new Focus is going to destroy the Cruze.

  4. You know, I don't mind the new design that the Iosis Max ushered in (visible on the new C-Max) but I was kinda hoping that America would get the current design language used on the current Focus offered in Europe…

    and please don't over-chrome or bold-enize it for the American market(like your obviously doing with the US. destined Fiesta), just bring whatever you sell in Europe here.

  5. Aren't we supposed to see this car at the 2010 Detriot show with production starting at the end of 2010 as a 2011?

  6. imho the real deal will be (even) better looking

    Anonymous 3:55PM said…
    So it will be 2014 before it gets here.

    in about a year!
    There's still some uncertainty whether there'll be a 2011MY version of the current Focus (which would mean a Jan 2011 intro of the new one)
    if Ford will skip that and bring out the global Focus asap (maybe as early as next Summer)

  7. I think it looks great, but here's a question. How will they price this between the Fiesta and Fusion? The Fiesta won't be "cheap" for us to begin with.

  8. With the exception of the appalling c pillar, the Cruze is a very nice looking car. And its fully loaded interior is awesome for a small car. But this Focus….This car looks absolutley stunning for a small car and I'm sure it'll have an interior that's equally stunning. But I gotta keep in mind that this IS JUST AN ILLUSTRATION. I also hope that Ford puts direct injection with its 4 cylinder engines. GM decided not to put it in because they calculated that for the extra performance and economy you got out of the vehicle, it was'nt worth the extra cost of the d.i. setup. I'm not a numbers guy but I'm not sure I agree. I would love to have big peak torque around 2000-2500 rpm, an extra 20hp and about 2 more mpg city and hwy myself and would'nt mind paying a few hundred dollars more over the competition if I got what I wanted.

  9. Anonymous October30,2009 6:25PM said…
    I think it looks great, but here's a question. How will they price this between the Fiesta and Fusion? The Fiesta won't be "cheap" for us to begin with.

    imho (and that's all it is)
    the next Focus could have it's prices completely overlapped by high-end Fiestas on the lower half
    & by low-end Fusions on the higher half…
    …is how it SHOULD be (imho) 😉

  10. I think that sad thing is that this car is being designed in Europe. Therefore, the Dearborn opinions that European cars can't be sold profitably in the US will rule and we will get some cheapened US interpretation of the car – like we always do. 🙁

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