2012 Ford Fusion/Mondeo ?

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Once again, the mid sized Ford sedan might end up being the same in Europe and the US.
Like it was back in the 90’s when we were getting it over here as the Ford Contour.

The Fiesta and next Focus are paving the way to a “one Ford ” model. Finally.
Sure, Europe as no need for a car as large as the new Taurus, and the market for the Ka in the US could be really small.
But they could really share all their other models.
Something lots of people have been saying for decades.

It looks like GM is also doing it with Buick/Opel.

We’ll see….

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  1. Wow! That looks very….UNinteresting. I like the rims but everything else is kinda blaaahh… I think I like the current Fusion a lot better. Maybe if they did something…ANYTHING to the area under the front bumper, then it would look better but this is kinda bad. I was expecting a lot more from Ford with the next Fusion (especially after seeing what the next Focus may look like),but if this is it, then I'm not impressed. This looks to be an illustration though so hopefully the real car will look better.

  2. The current Fusion is much nicer than this illustration. I think that this style was very nice about three years ago, but it's starting to look very bland compared to the competition. If it were available now, like the Taurus, it would have about three more years of shelf life before an update would be necessary. But this visual language won't be "new" in three years. Love the wheels though.

  3. I think the Fusion is a beautiful car. Just need to come up with a compromise in styling and interior size that would work for the entire world. Somewhere along the lines of the G35/Sklyine…or dare I say the last couple of Camrys?

  4. It would have been great 5+ years ago, but now, this looks just as boring and bloated as the Camry. The current Fusion is much MUCH better than this. The general shape reminds me of the first gen Mazda 6. Great for 2002, DoA for 2013. I hope this is fake (and I've seen this before).

  5. The current Mondeo is one of the best looking cars around at ANY price. This picture looks like some Korean wannabe.

  6. Guys, this is a really bad photoshop.

    Vince, can't you post up a picture or tell people to search and see what the current Mondeo looks like.

    The current Mondeo is a beautiful vehicle.

  7. It figures that just as Ford gets it act together with the Fusion and the car really starts gaining traction – one of the Top Ten sellers right now – they'll fix what's not broken. Keep the Mondeo in Europe. Invest in keeping the Fusion up to date and relevant. To do otherwise is just not good business.

  8. Ok, Alan Mulally, has got to be one of the best CEO's on the planet, whatever Ford is paying him, he is worth it. During one fo the worst downturns in US Auto history, doesn't go on autofare, and turns in these results!!! Excellent job Mr. Mulally (boeing must be kicking themselves)

    Ford Reports Surprise $1 Billion 3Q Profit
    Monday, November 02, 2009

    Aug. 26: New Escape SUVs roll off the line at Ford's Kansas City Assembly Plant.
    DEARBORN, Mich. — Ford, the only Detroit automaker to dodge direct government aid and bankruptcy court, surprised investors with net income of nearly $1 billion in the third quarter and forecast a "solidly profitable" 2011.

  9. The Mondeo that we have over here in Australia is way better looking mate then this piece of old American junk.

  10. November 2, 2009 9:47 AM: "Ford profit was all from outside markets. WRONG! The CURRENT profit is from US OPERATIONS EXCLUSIVELY– NOT foreign ones!

    November 2, 2009 9:49 AM "
    Ford is a welfare queen like the rest." WRONG! The ONLY car company that has NOT taken government handouts is F O R D !!! Even Toyota, Honda, Mitsu, Suburau, Suzike, Mazda(before Ford)
    have gotten REPEATED HANDOUTS form Japans "MITI" government handout program. Jag/Leyland/Rover were OWNED by the British government (before Ford took it off their hands). Mercedes was saved from bankrupcy a few years back by government-enabled loans resulting in DeutchBank owning most of Mercedes Benz. (Actually Rolls & BMW may not have received government handouts — but aside from FORD; they're about the ONLY ones who HAVEN"T!

  11. I'd like to correct an earlier post of 'The Mondeo is the best looking car on the market at any price' – sorry, that is the 2010 Taurus. The Monedo is respectfully, the second best looking car on the market.

    5 years ago I would have never considered a Ford – now, it's one of the few I would consider.

    The DOA funding is for energy research – it's not a bailout – so, the fact that Ford EARNED $1B in profit is outstanding. Not too many car companies can say that right now. Imagine their profits once the auto industry starts working properly again…the trick is to continue to re-invest in products that consumers want. If they do this – Ford will be unstoppable. If they do that:
    – Ford #1
    – Toyota#2
    – Hyundai #3
    – GM #4
    – Honda #5

    The rest will fight for whatever they can.

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