2012 VW Golf

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The real new Golf is still a few years away.
(The “new” 2010 is not an all new model.)

This 7th generation looks really nice, at least on this illustration.
Nothing futuristic, but very clean.

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  1. Stagnant design theme.

    They really need to move on to something different because this is BORING.

    It hardly looks different from the VI which hardly looked different from the V.

  2. This isn't doing it for me.

    These tiny incremental changes are not going to win anyone over in the US.

  3. In 2002 I tried to give some repeat business to VW Gallery in Norwood, Mass. I agreed on a price with the salesperson and he presented it to the manager who accepted it. As the salesperson was writing it up, the manager came back to tell me he’d just sold the car to someone else who offered more money.

    When the windshield wipers on my wife’s ’01 Jetta died just before the guarantee was up (!), we had them repaired under guarantee. When they died again a few months later (!!), this time in the middle of a snowstorm while traveling on the interstate 100 miles from home, the car was already out of warrantee but the wiper repair was still under. After limping home, we took it to Boston VW to be fixed again where the service manager (a guy called Rusty?) told me they must have broken because obviously I tried to remove all the snow that settled on the windshield overnight by turning on the wipers instead of by brushing it off. Basically, he told me I was lying.

    Judging by the frequent comments I read here and elsewhere about VW reliability, about the quality of service from VW dealers and the quality of VW after-sales-service, nothing has really changed.

    Since these two VW’s (the Jetta’s lease ended in ’04), we have bought six new cars and not a single one of them a VW. I can’t imagine ever going back.

  4. To: October 6, 2009 4:29 PM

    FOUR VWs have been LEMONED where I work. You are absolutely right about their quality and service issues.

    I know that they are crap from personal experience.

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