Another picture of the 2011 US Buick Regal

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I think it is an improvement over the Chinese version.
The grille still says Buick but in a more subtle way.

On sale in about 6 months. But I’ll be reporting on it from the Los Angeles auto show sooner.

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  1. Nice! I like it better than the Chinese version but I like the European grill a bit better. I read somewhere (I think GMinsidenews) that GM might bring the OPC version to the USA too.

  2. I think the NA version looks GREAT! I've always been a huge fan of this car, and I absolutely cannot wait to see it grace American tarmac!

  3. I hope its just an awkward angle or lighting, because for some reason it doesn't look nearly as good as the Chinese version pic you have below it.

    I pray they didn't change it too much and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  4. A classy looking car that should have been in showrooms yesterday. I do like the Chinese front end better, but it's not enough to matter. I'd be happy to own such a handsome car, and with Buick's quality, it'd be the only GM car I'd consider.

  5. How much will this cost?

    It's just a mediocre european car sold as a luxury car in the US. This car can't hold it against the older Ford Mondeo or even older Passat.

    Did you know that the European Accord is the exact same car as the US Acura TSX? I guess our definition of luxury is differant than yours.

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