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Weird name for another weird looking Chinese car.
Sure, it looks cheap. But that’s mostly because it IS cheap.
Real cheap. One of the cheapest model from a Chinese car company, imagine.

It’ll be easy to make fun of, but I remember my week long test drive of a $11000 Nissan Versa sedan last year.
A car with not even a radio and a plasticky shifter that felt it could break at any time.
This car is probably a lot cheaper than that…

I guess once the Chinese start selling cars in the US, models like the Versa will have to improve a lot, or die.

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  1. compared to this and other cars the versa has no improving required. if you drive a versa like I did, you will be amazed at how quiet and smooth that car is. nothing in that price range is as roomy either. Under the front floor carpet, versa has 2 inches of styrofoam insulation. that's more than is found on some lexus models. Nissan cannot be chastized for bad quality or poor materials because that is simply not the case. The Altima, for example has won JD Powers best car for initial quality over all it's rivals. There was a stint when Nissan went too far with cheapening interiors in 2003 to save $. Although , all companies did this. Since then, to combat this , they have , if anything, overbuilt their current interiors. Nissan is as fine a product, if not anything else, it's better than it's competition.

  2. "Nissan is as fine a product, if not anything else, it's better than it's competition."

    October 12, 2009 6:23 AM

    Says who?
    Please do some more research.

  3. This is the QQ^. Its been around for at least three years in China, and its based on the QQ which in turn is a knock-off of the first Daewoo Matiz, so the first poster is on the money with those GM badges. It already had them to begin with (sort-of)

  4. I recently bought one of these here in Shanghai, China and trust me this car is good. I test drove Aveo too but this one was way better and I bought this for myself.
    For this car you get more what you pay for.

  5. These Chinese cars are so nasty. Why would anyone want to buy a car from a Communist country with the world's worst and rude drivers?

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