Don’t park your car in front of the bus stop…

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  1. wow. i am always wondering who is filming this? it looks like the guy was just happened to be filming 'nothing' and all THIS was unfolding. was it a set-up for a movie? want the story behind it!

  2. My wrist would break before I tired punching the bus driver if I were the guy driving the sliver Passat

  3. I think this was filmed using the mobile CCTV camera's in London that use Smart cars with huge cameras on top.

    It looks like they waited until she left her car parked illegally and then zoomed on the registration so they could fine her for the offence.

  4. Bus was on the wrong side of the road. Note the "Bus Stop" written on the street. Porsche was facing the wrong way, too. Very strange.

  5. Regardless, bus driver should have been fired for that. Clearly could have just waited it out. No explanation for such a wild swing from a stop.

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