Infiniti M37 Hybrid coming for 2011

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We’ve know it for quite a while.
But Infiniti officially announced the new Hybrid model.
It is using the same 3.7 Liter V6. So I’m not really sure if mileage will be that great.
It’ll have more power than the regular M37. But that’s not really what people want when they spend the extra money on a hybrid is it…
Ask Honda about their last Accord V6 Hybrid.

On the other hand, the Hybrid versions of the Camry and Altima do get much better numbers than their 2.4 Liter “gas only” cousins.

We’ll see…

The picture above is of the Japanese Nissan version of the new M.

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  1. I guess they haven't learned anything from the crappy sales of the GS and LS hybrids, and on that note I think its a good thing GM postponed the Buick Vue hybrid. I hope they rethink all of these and focus more on efficiency. Even the rich man's hybrid the Karma uses an inline 4.

  2. That car is hideous.

    Their sales will be miserable. This will only sell to suburban yuppies who want to feel important, just like the current model.

  3. Actually according to other reports, it will use the 3.5 liter V6 previously found on the M35, therefore it will be the M35 Hybrid.

    You should correct your post

  4. This is an example of answering a question no one asked.
    People buy Infinitis because there's something in the styling and/or performance that resonates with them.

    Most people who buy hybrids are looking for something practical and comfortable with outstanding fuel economy.

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