Look who’s driving a Camaro!

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I guess you can have a Rolls and a Chevy in the same garage…

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  1. it's a cheap plastic rendition of a car that was awesome 40 years ago. the ss doesn't perform as ell as it should

    i doubt i will hear of any camaros lasting for more than 10 years. the camaro was a brilliant strategy for gm to make a lot of money quickly, but as gm has shown us before, when it sets out to make a profit its products turn out to be shit

  2. I've seen a few of these in San Francisco–certainly better looking than the ungainly Dodge Challenger, but not really all that impressive except from the front.

    Looks like a newer version of an old car………I guess that's what it's supposed to be. Yawn.

  3. Hey 5:28,

    Just so you're aware, the Camaro from 40 years ago was a cheap plastic car itself. So let's not romanticize the past too much. At least the new one will be able to turn corners and stop in less than 200ft.

  4. the new mustang stops quicker and turns better than the camaro. the mustang was a cheap plastic car for the youth 40 years ago as well

    for the money i'd much rather buy the mustang. simply because the miniature sunroof on the camaro looks rediculous

  5. Hey 5:28: name a single modern car that doesn't last 10 years when driven properly, at <30,000 miles per year, and is well maintained. I can't think of any.

  6. I'd rather have the new Mustang as well.

    I think the Camaro is overhyped. Wait until the new 5 liter hits the Mustang…

  7. my chevy impala company car lasted for three years before the engine went kaput (the crankshaft "failed"). it had less than 100,000 miles on it. i had to replace the window regulators, the instrument pod, the air conditioning compressor, the wheel bearings, the passenger's seat track, and the catalytic converter. the paint was also starting to peel off the rear bumper. granted, i parked the car outside and i spent a lot of time driving through chicago traffic, but my wife's 1999 cr-v has had none of these problems

    thus, i conclude that gm products, with maybe the exception of its trucks, don't last long

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