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I will get a taste of the good life later today and get to “meet” these 3 cars for myself. Although not driving them, yet.

Go ahead if you have any questions.

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  1. very cool & Congrats, Vince!

    Don't know if you'll see this beforehand but,
    rather than actually compare these 3,
    I like to hear what you think the reasons would be for choosing each of them over any other model on the market.
    (hope that made sense)

  2. I haven't seen machines this nice since Chrysler's 1976 IMPERIAL. THESE are REAL Automobiles. Exquisite Style & Flair for those with a taste for asthetic perfection. So So Far from the banal ugliness of Honda/Toyota and the dozens of shapeless micro-boxes that so many are forced to "settle" for in an America of increasing joblessness and an ever decreasing standard of living. Such a liberating breath of fresh air; these cars are. Invigorating Motorcars that entice with the implication of a free amd enterprising open road adventure. Truely, I say; THIS is motoring at it's FINEST!

  3. Hey Vince,
    Which spec Panamera will you be checkin out?
    I expect the Jag and Roller to be extremely good at what they do.

    But I've seen mixed reactions to whether or not the Panamera has that distinct Porsche feel to it.
    Of course, its not gunna feel like a 911 but I was wondering if it feels truly different and special and Porscheish compared to other supersedans? Whats your take on it?

  4. I gotta question….When is Jaguar going to get rid of those silly black panels on the c pillars. Or how many complaints have they gotten on them? Other than that, whats to ask…I'll bet they all drive like BUTTA.

  5. I saw the Panamera in person yesterday, about 8 MILLION times better in person than it is in pictures.

    Stunning actually.

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