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Rather interesting shot of the interior.
And the LED back lights, which I had never seen before.

How will they ever keep the buzz going any longer on that thing???

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  1. We have yet another year of press releases and info about a car that may or may not arrive on time, YAWN !!

  2. noo one will get the ugly prius w once this one comes out the volt will be so popular with the kids

  3. lo.. soon to be featured by great hip hop artists in their video clips.

    imagine 50cent or jayzee riding in this through the ghetto!

  4. I think most people will find this car very interesting. Unlike all of us here, most people don't scour automotive blogs and aren't on top of every piece of new information about the Volt. So the average suburbanite isn't as tired of this car as we are. People will like the styling, like the novelty of the powertrain, and they'll buy it if it isn't too overpriced.

    On another note, I do like the interior and the tail light design. Personally, I'm sick of the overdone dot-matrix LED look. Audi and MB have gone completely overboard with it. Automakers need to develop smooth, evenly lit tail lamps with no lighting hotspots that LEDs and Incandescent bulbs have. BMW does a good job with their neon tube look.

  5. I wonder who will win the "first to be electrocuted" by and electric car? Or has that happened already? Anyone know?

  6. "re -"volt" – ing. I said it from day one, this P.O.S. will never fly….period!"

    And you know this how? The first Prius was a stinker too. The first GM EV wasn't viable. Personally, I hate the idea of environmentally unfriendly hybrid vehicles. A car should only have one drivetrain… either an ICE or an electric engine. I think the Volt is an intriguing concept and I hope it works.

  7. I know this for obvious reasons. anyone alive shouild know it. 1) GM is bankrupt. (2) GM has always built pure and utter garbage. (3) GM has terrible service. (4) GM does not have technology, nor the funds to develope it. (5) GM historically has shown pie in the sky wanna be models that "NEVER" make it……any more questions?

  8. the only answer here is Nissan with the Leaf. They are leading the world in setting up partnerships with governments and electric companies globally. Nissan and NEC, have developed and perfected the Lithium Ion powered car. Nissan wins. This new Leaf will make that toyoda Primus (whatever it's called) thingy look like a 1978 gm vista cruiser.

  9. In response to Vault the Volt,

    Nope, no other questions. Because for a moment I thought you knew something about the actual car. And it's clear that what you think you know is based on hyperbole and a lot of nothing. So to respond to your points…

    1) LIke it or not, bankruptcy doesn't mean anything as long as they have your money to work with.

    2) They have increasingly built more and more cars that aren't competitive and grew into little more than a welfare state for their employees. But no one can intelligently say that they've "always" built garbage. Bankruptcy is exactly what needed to happen to allow them to make very pronounced changes.

    3) Their service is hit-or-miss. Toyota's ranks lower. Hyundai's used to be amongst the worst. Things change.

    4) It's interesting that you think you have this insight. The reality is that GM is a leader in R&D. Particularly in the development of composite, conductive and alloy materials, among other technology that other automakers license. And, again, as long as they have your tax dollars, they have all the money they need. Live with it. You'll have to.

    5) What? So I suppose that all automakers shouldn't try anything new ever again? I'm glad you're not running any company, because you would just give up. All automakers should be encouraged to develop new technology like the EV1 or the 1st generation Insight. But instead, armchair analysts like you continue to whine about this and that.

    Most people would agree that an EV isn't really all that pie in the sky anymore. It is the right time with the right amount of public interest for a car like this.

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