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So far this model is for China only.
Just like the new Regal was….
And a few GM people have already been talking about yet another Buick sedan for the US, in addition to the Regal.

The new Excelle will be available as a sedan and the hatchback you see here.
And just like the Regal is pretty much an Opel Indignia with a Buick grille, this one is a Buick version of the Astra.

Who would have known that Buick would try to compete with the Mazda 3?

Let’s hope for them that it works. As of now, I cannot imagine anyone considering the Mazda, or Golf, even walking into a Buick showroom.
This will take massive amounts of advertising money…

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  1. Honestly, I always thought the Astra should be a Chevy. They can keep the Cruze and still have a need for three and five door hatchbacks in the lineup. The Opel Astra OPC coupe would be a cool Chevy too. Branding it as a Buick would just seem like a cheap attempt at badge engineering and a dishonest way to make a quick buck (an economy car as part of what used to be a higher-end brand? Seriously?).

    But what the Hell do I do know, I'm just a stupid consumer…

  2. I love the direction that Buick is going. From their recent vehicle introductions, Buick could eventually be a serious competitor to Lexus. But I don't believe that Buick should attempt to go too low-end too quickly. In the U.S., Buick should focus on their mid-tier and high-tier vehicles, where they at least have some brand equity. A Lexus IS competitor should be the lowest Buick should attempt to go. Even financially strong automakers with an established customer base, like Toyota and Nissan, have not been able to successfully compete against upscale small cars like the Mazda 3 and VW GTI. This car should remain a China only vehicle. At least until Buick is firmly re-established as a luxury brand again in the states.

  3. chevy? the chevrolet brand in the USA is the "bare to the metal" or "workhorse" brand. they dont deserve any nice looking cars.

  4. Good little car, wrong model for Buick's U.S. market.
    The reason upscale small cars like Mini, BMW 1-series, Audi A3, Smart, are popular?
    Clever marketing from the outset or the Halo effect from a prestigious brand.
    Right now, our Buick has neither.
    Unlike Buick China/Asia, Buick America isn't premium enough to make this car instantly desireable from a brand name standpoint.

  5. The headlights looks like the Kia cee'd or Kia Cadenza. The side looks like the Kia Venga. The back looks like something else I guess.

  6. It's a good looking little car. Great interior. Unfortunately it's the logo that will hold it back in the states. So it's smart that it won't be offered here. It will do very well in China, where Buick has had good products for years and therefore is a well respected brand.

  7. Buick has had its performance moments in this market, from the musclecar days to the T-type era. Maybe it's time for another one.

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