New Chinese GAC sedan?

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GAC showed this”VIP Lounge Concept” last year and it looks like they are already testing it.
(Unless the took the concept out for some air…)

GAC has been building cars with Honda and Toyota for the Chinese market for years.
This sedan looks better to me than any Honda or Toyota sedan out there. Even thought the front end is still a bit cartoonish .
(But look at the Crosstour…)

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  1. Even if you think the front end is a bit polarizing or whatever, you still have to admit its the best looking Chinese sedan ever.

  2. Another answer to a question no one asked…..What would the child of a Chysler Sebring and Saturn Aura look like?

  3. "…you still have to admit its the best looking Chinese sedan ever."

    It is the best looking CHINESE sedan ever. But it's still a mess by non-Chinese standards. The front is Streisand ugly. The rear is distinctly Audi/Lexus LS, and that's a good thing.

  4. The Chinese are still retarded from decades of Communism…Give them a bit more time to make good designs.

  5. The front looks like the Toyota Venza or Ford Edge. The roof line looks like the Chevy Volt. or Acura TL. I see Kia Forte Koup in the tail lights.

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