New Opel Meriva

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Quite an interesting little car.
A super mini with minivan doors, a glass roof…

Engines will include a 1.4 Liter and 1.6 Liter.

It could have been a nice small Saturn. But this is way too small for a Buick (which now seems to be the US Opel)

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  1. i don't think it's too small to be a new Buick. i think Buick will be about fine features and great details and build quality, as well as classic cues and contemporary styling. i think Buick could have a B segment car of a certain style and quality.

  2. Chevy could use this to compete with the Mazda5 and the fit based van that Honda is kicking around. I recently rode in a Mazda5 and if I had a use for van, it was pretty slick.

  3. I have nothing against these small cars, and actually like seeing them on the road – Honda Fit included. They're usually much more modern and daring in their styling than mainstream vehicles (do I need to say the word 'Camry' to emphasize my point?). My only problem has been that they're usually underpowered for their size/weight, and need to improve their handling and accessories list.

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