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The Mark X, just like the previous generations, is not for the US or Europe.
Fast RWD sedans from Toyota are sold under the Lexus brand. And the Mark X is related to the Lexus GS.

But somehow, the Mark X has always kind of looked like the Camry, even though they do not share a platform.
I just wonder if some of the design elements from this new one will end up in the next Camry.

The car looks fine. Better than some of the weirdness we’ve seen lately. But also pretty bland.

I guess it is keeping with the tradition…

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  1. same old same old, toyota is for old people. that's why their sales have dropped worldwide and will continue to drop.

  2. The TSX back is what I don't like…it cheapens the car. I do like Toyota's take on Mazda's front end styling element, although the cut out of the top part of the hood looks funny. The new Camry and new Avalon's should look pretty sweet.
    BTW, Vince, what's up with your perpetual hate for all things Toyota & Lexus, anyways??

  3. I think this car has some decent character! It reminds me of a grown-up Corolla/TSX. Unlike other toyotas, the blandness can be fixed by adding a decent grill and spoiler. The rear end reminds me of the TSX, Malibu, and 2011 Sonata (look at the license plate area).

  4. The cabin lacks design cohesion and thus seems like mishmash of ugly forms done up in cheap-looking materials.

    The front fascia could be made better if a larger chrome-accented grille were added and the headlamps were restyled.

  5. The Mark X's of 15-25 years ago were MUCH better looking. If it were possible to make anything fatter and uglier than a Camry– This is it! (and you thought the Cad STS was overdue for a freshening!) Of course this is a lot cheaper than the STS in Japan.

  6. It's sad that Toyota can't produce a "gotta have it" car let alone a decent looking car. This may be better looking than the Camry but so what! I look at the Passat, the Mazda 6, the Altima and Maxima, the Malibu, even the Fusion and a few others and think, I could drive that, not the case with any Toyota.

  7. it looks like our Corolla being stretched and got a RWD system. a disappointment. let's stick with Corolla XRS.

  8. "Its not a new Mark X, it a facelift of the current model."

    do you even know how the current mark x looks like?? both inside and out? and what engine it carries as compared to this one?

    srsly though, in japan, mark x and crown athlete (and some crown royal) are the dominant toyota volume sedans, you RARELY see a camry on the street and corollas are about non-existent. and for a good reason too, the toyota mark and crown series are just way better sedans than anything toyota (or even honda/nissan) has to offer in north america. it really puzzles me as to why these automakers americanizes their product or even waste millions of dollar developing pieces of shits specifically target towards the NA customer when they have way better existing products. another example is the nissan teana, it look like an altima 2 generations from now, except that you can already buy one in asia.

  9. "do you even know how the current mark x looks like??"

    Yes i do and the pictures above are really just a mid-term facelift. The engines remain the same. 2.5L V6 or 3.5L V6.

  10. Really, people…I may not care for Toyota USA of today, but you damn sure want this or the Crown to replace the Avalon or Camry. Rear-drive alone takes things to another level.

  11. the last gen mark x comes with 3.0 optional v6 and 2.5 base engine, not 3.5. only this model comes with 3.5 v6. you are thinking of the crown, which is a totally different lineup, and no, this is not a mmc of the crown either.

    the last gen mark from 2004 already had a mmc in 2006 where they made minor change to the grille and such. you have to have some visual impairment if you are actually convinced that some of the exterior features of this car can fit on the last gen without some major reconstruction. also the interior is way different as well.

    just go see for yourself, you don't need any japanese to read the numbers they listed, the dimension is clearly different as well

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