Next BMW 1 series caught testing

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All we can tell from this is that it might be a bit wider…
So far, I really like the current 1 series coupe and convertible we have in the US. But it is way overpriced.
We need a new “2002”.
How about getting us one of the 4 cylinder engines they have in Europe, and dropping the price a few thousands…
There is nothing wrong with a $25 000 base price for a small BMW.

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  1. Is it just me or does that look exactly like the current 1 series but with some modifications to it? Maybe its a performance M model/sports package?

  2. How much I wish they bring 1 series in 4 Dr Sedan. 🙁
    Does anybody know if they will be bringing it to our shores?

  3. hooray for it getting wider, hopefully it won't become heavier though.

    wider track plus 200hp/300lb torque turbo diesel i4 = win

  4. I don't get the 1 series! I agree with Vince, if it had a 4cyl. and cost less, then maybe. But at
    30K+, I'll buy a used 3 series.

  5. This is a test mule people…Duh!

    I'm not a huge fan of the 1 series. I like the car, but it feels like an economy car. The convertible especially is not as finished as a BMW should be for the price.

  6. Personally I like the wide body look and wide fenders like on the E30 M3. A bit more weight yes nut style is important

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