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Right after the new Jaguar XJ, I got to see the new Porsche in person.
I have to say that this is the kind of car that does look better in person.

Sure, it is still a bit heavy looking, and not as good as the new Aston Martin Rapide. But it’s also almost a 3rd of the price.
The car I sat in was the S model (no “non S” available yet) and it started at about $87 000.

First, it doesn’t make you feel like an old fart when you get inside, like the new XJ.
It does have much sportier proportions.
And the back seat has a lot of legroom. It’s only a 4 seater, but all seats are very roomy.

In person, I thought the interior was fantastic. Both modern and classy. And expensive looking, as it should be.

Plus, it is a hatchback, with folding rear seats.
I predict this will become the most popular Porsche in their current line up.
I am sure there will be a non S version by next year. And even a V6 later.
Which will make this car even more popular.

The only thing I was missing was a glass roof. But that’s just me.

If I could afford any of these cars, I would jump into the Panamera and ignore the new XJ.
The Porsche is actually roomier and classier. Who would have thought.
And I usually love Jaguars…

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  1. The most popular Porsche?? Wow, Vince, that's a pretty bold prediction. It would be very interesting to see that happen…then throw in a "Hybrid" version…

  2. Currently, the Cayenne is the best selling Porsche.
    I think this will sell more than the Cayenne.

  3. Soooo… I didn't read anything negative about the design. Like everyone else, I was initially repulsed by the look of this thing — I thought it was a HUGE oppertunity wasted. But, I've been steadily warming up to it and now I can even dare to call it… striking?
    I think I'm not alone either aaaaand I'M going to predict 20 years from now this will be known as design classic.

  4. From the pics I've seen, the Panamera's interior looks pretty near perfect.

    It's a shame the exterior's so damn porky and bloated. As Mr Clarkson says, the Panamera looks "like an inside-out monkey".

    Now to be fair, I haven't seen one in the metal yet. But the Cayenne looks just as bad in real life as it does in photos, so I don't expect any kind of epiphany once a Pan-am lumbers into my field of vision.

    With the exception of the Cayman, Porsche's styling department has completely lost the plot of late.

  5. Only seen pics thus far on this car (and I dislike those), but at $87k for the S I have to agree that this will be a very popular Porsche. That price is a good 20k below what I was expecting, so if they trim off 10 to 15k for nonS models this car will move.

    I still won't buy one, but I'll see them. Buffy and Britney will be needing replacements on their leased "look-at-me" barges soon enough, and the Cayenne is sooooo 2005.

  6. headlight is a 100% exact same copy as the infiniti EX, Only the rest of the EX looks great as well.

  7. A third of the price compared to the Aston at $87,000? Even at that price, if I could afford that, money would not be an object for either. I wonder if VW will change their mind about killing this, instead of just using its mechanics for future vehicles…

  8. Vince, Cayenne is best sold ytd but not last couple of months:

    Sept 2009:
    911 Carrera 720
    Cayenne 535
    Boxster 151

    I was surprised that Cayenne was best sold ytd but then I noticed starting price of 'only' $46K.

    Panamera is 2x that price so I'd bet it won't be best selling vehicle long-term especially since it's not an SUV and quite different styling.

  9. Cayenne is an old design, so sales are slowing down. A new one is a few months away.
    Plus, it is available as a V6.
    (The price you quote is for the V6)

    I think by the time the new one comes out, SUVs will be even less popular than they are now, and the Panamera has plenty of room.
    A V6 will still be more than the Cayenne, but it will be more of a Porsche than the VW based Cayenne.

    I still think once they have all the versions out, it will be more popular.

  10. It definitely looks better in person than in photos. I saw two being tested in Vegas last summer and they looked pretty nice. Much more Porsche like than the Cayenne.

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